Two things checked off the really long to do list.

Firstly, today I submitted my first draft of my book! By submitted, I mean that I am currently 16% of the way into the uploading process. It’s almost 3gb of stuff so it’s taking a while.

Oh that top left? Yep still working my way through – 10 blocks of 36 done.

Secondly, I finally got super patient Simone’s bee block done. I’m *technically* up to date now because I was off the hook for August (the person who’s turn it is opted not to make the block for my round and I was removed from the list of duties I think to compensate for this, even though the lovely organiser sent me a block to make up for being one short). So I just have September, I wonder if I will actually do it in September?


Does anyone here use Bloglovin? I’m trying to catch up on my reading and it has changed. I can’t figure out how I can read blogs by blog name. I used to have a list where I’ve drawn the red oval, but I can’t find any display option remotely similar. I like to read up each blog at a time if I’m behind by more than one post (which believe me I am behind about 2000 posts total), so this multi-blog layout tile thing I has going on just isn’t doing it for me….

Back on it

I’m thinking of doing some craft fairs just before Christmas. Just one or two, selling purses and bags and maybe some of the other stuff like resin jewellery I’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages. I might take some quilts too, not that I expect them to sell. I’ve sent off for a few application forms, and my next step is to figure out if it will be viable, in terms of if I have to pay $200 in business licences (i.e. not viable) just to do the two shows.

My Weekender bag - next time I'll improv piece but not QAYG- the thickness is too challenging!

My Weekender bag – next time I’ll improv piece but not QAYG- the thickness is too challenging!

If it is I want to make more patchwork bags, maybe like my weekender bag, plus some smaller things like wallets that I can make reasonably quickly. I don’t plan to sell volume, if I sell one or two items but at a higher price, I’ll be happy with that.

In book news I’m happy to report that I only need to make a sleeve for initial photography and write up one project, then I can submit it for my October 3rd deadline. There are other deadlines for other things after this time (like printing out my patterns full size for the illustrators, making the individual step by step things for real photography, signing forms and labelling quilts) but the hard work is DONE! I decided to treat myself by working on a new project (for Popular Patchwork)…

Eight blocks down, 28 to go. I’m also thinking about a name for it. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Downtown Crosswalks” right now. I’m also going to get on with my bee block commitments this week because I’m feeling guilty about falling behind, and I need to start on my Quiltcon entry soon too. After that I have dress alterations and three quilts to finish, oh and I was writing a new Quilt Workout pattern…

I do have a question for you though. Does anyone have any tips for destashing? I used to be so good at it in the UK on Instagram, but there doesn’t seem to be the appetite for it over here, I think it may be because postage is stupidly expensive. I don’t get any biters on IG and I had some limited success on Facebook, but I like to destash, it’s good for my soul and it means my stash doesn’t stagnate. Often I will get a fat quarter bundle, use most of it, put some in my stash but then have pieces left over to sell on like these Uppercase FQs. At the minute though I have no outlet! Do you think it is worth putting this kind of thing on eBay?

$12 CAD plus postage, if anyone is interested....

$12 CAD plus postage, if anyone is interested….

I’ll leave you with some snaps from straight off the camera (no cropping, editing, etc). I’m getting too lazy to Photoshop these days, anyone else feel the same?

dscf1094 dscf1157 dscf1171 dscf1347

A Finish – S is for Snake

I don’t think I could really show this before, but now it is in print, this is my S is for Snake quilt!


It’s just baby quilt size and it’s in the current issue (27) of Quilt Now. It’s another quilt I put together using the Scan N Cut to cut out my Drunkard’s Path blocks. I really don’t like cutting these out and it saved me a lot of time!


WordPress won’t let me rotate this particular image for some reason which is very annoying


I quilted bubbles around the snakes and I used my walking foot to sew ladders in the spacer blocks. I also free motioned matchsticks either side of the ladders.

Here it is in the magazine…

quiltnow2 quiltnow3 quiltnowcover

Size – 36″ x 50″
Number of blocks – 15 snakes
Time to make – About 12 hours with the quilting
Fabric – Green scraps plus a print from Tula Pink’s Chipper in the spacer blocks and Kona Natural.
Backing Fabric – £2 a yard green linen slub from Fabric Guild in the UK.
Binding Fabric – Alexia Abegg Hatbox for Cotton + Steel
Threads – Piecing with Aurifil 50 wt. Quilting with Wonderfil Decobob prewound bobbins (80 wt) and Isacord on top (40 wt).
Batting – 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom.
Quilting- Freehand walking foot ladders in spacer blocks with free motion matchstick quilting. Snake blocks have pebble quilting around the central motifs.


Finished! My Lizzy House Meadow Quilt

So it only took three weeks after finishing this quilt to actually photograph it and post about it….


This is my Q3 Finish Along finish, the pattern is Lizzy House’s exclusive Meadow quilt pattern that she only teaches in class (because the pattern is open to some interpretation and personal influence which in turn can mean it doesn’t turn out flat or the right size without supervision). I went to the class in April so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to remember how to do it but it came out fine. I cut out the pieces on my Scan N Cut and made the centre “eyes” (or eggs in my case) first, then chain pieced the rest!


The back is slightly wonky, shh!


The block on the back was signed by Lizzy with a Micron pen and I was pretty sure I heat set it but it kinda washed out a bit which is a little bit sad.


The quilting was done freehand on the Bernina Q24 long arm at work which is a lovely machine. The ruler foot was broken and not yet replaced so I did the straight lines “organically”. It is based on a fab Meadow I saw quilted by The Workroom in Toronto but I modified it a bit by adding medallions to the centre of my “eggs” which I drew on with a stencil and I echo quilted then spiralised the borders. I quilted the middle first and then rolled it all back to do the borders in a purple thread.

Weirdly this is only the second finished quilt under this year on my Finished Quilts page, however I have actually made four others plus lots of cushions and smaller quilts and fiddly things in general. One quilt is currently in Quilt Now magazine so I will show you that in my next post.

Size – 76″ x 62″
Number of blocks – 20
Time to make – Piecing is hard to say because it was on and off… quilting four hours- maybe a total of 20-22 hours including binding.
Fabric – All sorts from stash plus a lot of Kona Eggplant
Backing Fabric – Mostly reduced discounted stuff- Amy Schimler Creatures and Critters is the main part, plus a bit of Cotton + Steel Honeymoon and some V & Co dots.
Binding Fabric – More Kona Eggplant.
Threads – Piecing with Aurifil 50 wt. Quilting with Wonderfil Decobob prewound bobbins (80 wt) and Isacord on top (40 wt).
Batting – 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom.
Quilting- Freehand grid, stencilled mandala type things, plus echo quilting and spirals in the border.

I will leave you with these images of my spirit town, Canmore and one of the nearby Spray Lakes (where the water genuinely cured my hiccups instantly). I want to live there so bad. It’s nice that it only takes an hour and a half to get there.

Yes, the building on the left is a quilt shop.

Yes, the building on the left is a quilt shop.


Linking up to the FAL…

FAL 2016

Modern Quilt Guild stuff

I’m still buried in book stuff. I feel like I’m making good progress but I have two more quilts to make (well, three minis and a full one) and more writing to do and five weeks to finish it in.

Quiltcon is the next thing. I’m doing the Michael Miller challenge for next year’s show and also contributing to the Calgary group quilt. The group quilts are going to be a theme of micro and macro, here are my blocks…

Putting binding on my Meadow Quilt today so maybe I can make two posts in one month?

Puppy bandanas

Because it’s Stampede season (Yahoo not Yeehaa/Yeehaw apparently), I decided to turn a couple of fat quarters into doggy bandanas for Hank when I got home from work on Saturday.
I folded them diagonally right sides together and trimmed off the excess, stitched around the edge leaving a turning gap, turned through and top stitched along all three edges.

They’re absolutely pointless but I think he looks cute 🙂

Finish Along Quarter 3

The end of this quarter ties in exactly with when I need to finish my book projects by, but I thought I would try and make a bit of an effort with the Finish Along still, despite knowing I will be busy busy!

This is the project I’ve chosen to aim to finish, my Meadow quilt. It’s all cut out, but no further than that. If I can make the top, then I plan to long arm it which should cut down on the time I will need to finish. I’m worried I’ll forget how to assemble it if I leave it any longer, plus it’s sat in a project bag on the floor and I like tidiness in my sewing room where possible. Maybe I can prepare all the centre pieces then do a block or so at a time between other stuff.

Meanwhile in secret projects I have two quilts and three smaller projects to make…. *cracks whip*

FAL 2016

This month’s update

Well it appears I am currently a monthly blogger. I have just finished up another project for my book and have written about 15% so I’m still quietly working away on that over the summer. Here’s some of the back of the latest project, I’m very pleased with how my free motion quilting is developing…

In bee news, I have made a few more words…

And I have received some too, since June was my month!

I'm not sure what I did with Elizabeth's signature block, but I'm sure I will find it...

I’m not sure what I did with Elizabeth’s signature block, but I’m sure I will find it…

The plan is to make an 8-bit map of Canada, probably next year by the time I get round to it.

I also have a pouch in the latest Popular Patchwork (July issue) but I have yet to get a copy in the post. There are a couple more patterns coming up for Quilt Now too which means I’ll have some more finishes to show you when they go to print. My photos are being used by Pop Patch to save me money on posting the finished stuff- result!

I’ve been bitten badly the last few weeks, I think by mosquitoes. I had one on my leg where the vein started going red and it spread upwards which worried me and cost $100 in pharmacy fees to calm down again, then I had one which made my elbow double in size. I have been spraying myself all over with bug spray before leaving the house, despite people repeatedly telling me that there are no mosquitoes this year because it has been too warm. Well I have found them all it seems! Today I ended up at the walk in centre again with some kind of allergic reaction, might be the bug spray, might be an unknown dietary thing…

Anyway back to the writing- I’m in the flow!


Fancy & Fabulous Skirt


I’ve got a second finish amidst the chaos that is writing book and magazine stuff. Each time I make this skirt pattern I get a bit better at it; this time I am happier with the finish on the zip at the back. As with all the skirts I make, it has pockets- an essential feature for my clothes. Why don’t shop bought skirts have pockets more often?!
The fabric is from Fancy & Fabulous by Riley Blake and I bought it partly with dressmaking in mind, I wasn’t 100% sure of anything other than I really liked the print and colours.

DSCF1044 DSCF1043

The pattern is Simplicity 2117- the longer version. Originally I was going to put an invisible zip in but it was misbehaving and actually a standard one is all the pattern called for, and it worked well as it turned out. Next dressmaking venture: a McCall dress with boat neckline and waist belt detail in Mori Girls Dachshunds…

This is a finish along quarter two finish!

FAL 2016


Festival of Quilts, Calgary


By Wayne Kollinger


I didn’t have a whole lot of time at the Festival of Quilts to see absolutely everything, but I got a fair number of breaks to wander around considering I was at work!

Heritage Park is a historical village reconstruction of what the West used to look like, It has a steam train (and paddleboat); there’s a bakery and sweet shop and it holds events. This show had quilts all over the place- inside buildings, under a marquee, on frames outside, etc so without a guide book it was hard to make sure you saw everything.



By Irene Campbell


By Vanecea Greene


Also by Vanecea Greene- these blocks are teeny!



More tiny piecing by Vanecea Greene. It appears I like her work!



By Janet Aspinall



By Rebecca Cleaver Burke


I came back with a small haul…