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Twenty Hedgehogs

Well I managed it, with minimal unpicking and swearing… but with a lot of patience… it’s the first of Twenty Hedgehogs! This is a “platinum” variety of african pygmy hedgehog – it has a heavy mottled tummy, a black face and very white quills. The eye is painted on with acrylic paint. I’ve tried to […]

A sneaky peek of my new room and a couple more for the Pinterest Challenge

I’ve decided that recipes I’d pinned on Pinterest count towards the challenge, but I felt that if I did two of them, that would make it count more! So yesterday I made cheese and spring onion beer bread- dead simple, no kneading, no rising, no fuss! Here’s the recipe. I also made salted caramels, taking […]

What’s on my resin desk…

I’m starting to get tempted into resin again. It’s been a long time coming but I had a repeat order for some gummy bear stuff from Ji Ji Kiki and a new stockist called Life’s Big Canvas so it was the push I needed. So here’s what I have going on at the minute… Big […]

Window Vista

You remember my workroom just after we moved and the wall was put up in the garage? It looked like this… And to be honest it stayed that messy until last friday when I tackled it…. Today we had the windows put in and it looks great! Jus need walls plastering and something other than […]

New room!

I had my workroom built in our garage! OH and his dad spent the weekend putting a divider up, it’s still bloody cold and bloody messy, but we are getting somewhere! Got windows going in in the New Year, but the temporary space blanket was a nice thought 🙂

Home Sweet Home

As some of you will know, we bought our first house on Friday! As a result, the last few days have been spent ferrying stuff from the rented house to the new one. I’m getting a new workroom by converting the garage, but in the meantime this is what I have to put up with: […]

Let me explain…

My desks are ridiculously untidy at the minute as I’ve got a lot on…. I thought I’d show you! I’ve since done a little more on some of the items. The paperweight is finished and the picture frame is starting to look so much better than I could have ever hoped!