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Pluggy pluggy

I’m not sure if I’ve ever really promoted my own website that much. It is kind of an extension of my blog, but in a portfolio-y way. It looks like this… On there I have all the magazines (well, not the jewellery ones from ages ago and the one I used to work on) I’ve […]

The Sewing Directory

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that button over to the right of my blog over the last few months? Go on, click it, it takes you here…. The Sewing Directory is run by the lovely and knowledgeable Fiona (and helped by Beth) and allows you to find all sorts of sewing businesses in one […]


My website has been hacked and my last five orders are lining the pockets of some random nerd somewhere. I’m pretty annoyed, but sending out the orders regardless- it isn’t my customers’ faults. Everyone affected has been e-mailed and I think my web host has changed all the settings back, but it might be worth […]

Discount Codes!

I thought I would share some discount codes for use on www.penny-dog.co.uk … Enjoy!   TWOPOUNDS – £2 off any order of £5 or above, valid until 3rd December 2008. pennybonus – Free Shipping (within the UK), valid until 1st October 2008.