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An update from The Big Spring Contest

There are more prizes to be had in The Big Spring Contest from Offset Warehouse! You have until this Sunday to let me know on this post, what you would like to make on the theme of pets and animals from the fabrics available at Offset Warehouse, and check out the overview post which details […]

Tutorial: Make a driving licence cover

If you, like me, live in the UK, you’ll be familiar with the photocard driving licences we have, but I’ve recently discovered not many people know that you must keep your paper bit with the card for it to be fully valid. I have always done this, however keeping it in my bag (read: I […]

Quilters Favourites

I’m getting in just in the nick of time to participate in this… The last day to link up with Geta is today! Click the button above to read the other posts with tips from other quilters. Here are mine, hopefully something here will be useful to somebody! The idea is we discuss successes and […]

Random weekend sewing

I went to the Quilt and Stitch Village today with four other blogging quilters you’ve definitely heard of before, probably. Anyway that will wait til tomorrow otherwise I’ll never show you what I sewed on Saturday. Aside from another Helsinki Square Dance block, I made a pouch for OH’s laptop… It’s a bit crap. I […]

The Sewing Directory

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that button over to the right of my blog over the last few months? Go on, click it, it takes you here…. The Sewing Directory is run by the lovely and knowledgeable Fiona (and helped by Beth) and allows you to find all sorts of sewing businesses in one […]

Sewing books destash

I’ve had a look through my bookshelf and I’ve got some books on there I’ve never read and some very lightly used that I’m not likely to use again. Looking at my Amazon wishlist, there’s quite a lot of “future” books on there, so it’s about time I had a bit of a clearout, and […]

Crafting, but because I want to, not because I have to

Over the last few years I’ve tried a few crafts, enjoyed them and then they inevitably end up as an Etsy shop which then means making more than one of anything and getting stressy busy at holiday times throughout the year and burdened with obligations. This happened with my jewellery and my chocolates and I chose to stop […]

Free sample project from Fabricate now available!

The photo isn’t the finished one as I’ve not commissioned a photographer yet, however the clock project is now available for you for free! You can pop onto the Indiegogo gallery page to download it or you can put your email into the form on www.fabricatemag.co.uk and I will email it to you! And if […]


I was going to do a quick post today to prove I’ve done a bit more on the curtain, however Fletcher had other ideas… And he does this kind of thing quite regularly, he likes to get involved when he’s not welcome… And a lovely soft wadding pillow for his old man head… I was […]

A sewing weekend

I went to two ice hockey games this weekend so I didn’t expect to get much done in all honesty (if you even slightly care, we won 6-0 at home on saturday and lost 3-1 away on sunday). When I sat down at my machine on saturday after a little lie-in til 9am I really didn’t fancy sewing […]