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Brother PQ1500SL – a review of sorts

I realised that I have actually bought three sewing machines whilst I’ve been over in Canada, and not reviewed any of them. I find the review posts have been some of my most popular, so I guess I’d better do something about that. My first purchase was a Brother Innovis NQ700. This is known as […]

One last destash

My sewing machine has gone on eBay today so I needed to take a final sweep of my sewing room and decide if I want to sell anything else. You may get some freebie scraps or threads or whatever sewing paraphernalia I have too! Let me know in a comment if you’re interested in anything here […]

Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875Q Review

I think it’s fair to say this machine has had a thorough testing since I have now had it for 6 months, so I thought I’d summarise good points and bad, then go into a bit more detail. PROS Great price for the harp space size and features Can wind the bobbin from the needle […]

Well, that didn’t work.

My thread is still snapping but the tension of the stitches looks perfect…. I checked that the top thread unrolled the right way (Dianne– yes the thread comes off the spool at the front as you say it should, which I’d call clockwise now after all that- the Aurifil does still go the weird way […]

Everything must go

I’ve listed my Pfaff on eBay twice now, I really wanted £450 for it but I’ve just got to face it that I’m not going to get that much so I’ve started it at £250 with a buy it now of £390 for the next three days- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261388336784. I’ve been working on some new fabric […]

Lots of secret exciting things are happening!

I have lots of REALLY exciting things going on in my sewing life right now and I’m not allowed to tell you about any of them! Well OK I can’t tell you about: 1) A challenge block for a famous fabric designer in which I get some free FQs of beautiful and not-yet-released fabrics(!!!). All […]

Review: AEG 680 sewing machine

I was browsing around on the internet for a review of this sewing machine before I bought it and not much information exists, I suppose this is because AEG only started selling sewing machines in June this year and not many people have gone out to buy one yet. I also thought some people might […]

I made something with fabric and it wasn’t a disaster!

Title says it all really. I decided this morning to print off the instruction manual for my cheap Lidl sewing machine and learn what all the different feet did. I cut a piece of vintage curtain 18″ x 42″ and hemmed the two shortest edges, before folding 12″ from the edge right sides together and […]

Some new buys…

I have a new camera! I got myself a D90 yesterday to replace my tired old Fuji S5, but I can’t photograph it as I used it to take these pictures! Last week I saw this outside a junk shop and had to buy it! It’s a Jones Sewing Machine and iron leg table, made […]