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Crazy mad Etsy sale

I’m having a crazy mad Etsy sale because… *announcement bugle* …we are emigrating to Alberta, Canada šŸ™‚ Now my family know, the only people that don’t is work, and I don’t think anyone there is anyone there remotely interested in my past times so I think I’m safe to share that with you now. We […]

Sewing books destash

I’ve had a look through my bookshelf and I’ve got some books on there I’ve never read and some very lightly used that I’m not likely to use again. Looking at my Amazon wishlist, there’s quite a lot of “future” books on there, so it’s about time I had a bit of a clearout, and […]

Kindle Cosies

I drafted a pattern for a Kindle pouch on friday night, then saturday morning I stitched it together… Here is my first attempt, about 1/2″ wider and 1/2″ shorter than IĀ wanted the final result to be but the standardĀ Kindle fits nonetheless. The button fastening is a bit tight because theĀ pocket could do with being higher.Ā I […]

Fabric Destash!

I procrastinated a bit and actually went through my stash early, please forgive my two posts in one day! If anything is of interest please comment or email me (kerry@penny-dog.co.uk)- prices don’t include postage but as a guide it’s Ā£2.20 for second class up to 750g and Ā£2.70 for first class of the same weight […]

Buy my fabrics! (please)

Just FYI, I am starting to sell some of my designs over on Spoonflower. I was going to keep them to myself but I felt I could use a little bit of commission money, so it may take a while but I plan to grow my selection. There are more in the pipeline I just […]

Sneaky Secret Jewellery Sale

Just for you dear reader! I have lots of my resin jewellery just sat in a drawer so I thought I would root out some handmade bargains for you- just e-mail me if you fancy any of this little lot: kerry_l_wilkinson(At) hotmail.com Prices include UK postage and all items are boxed and on chains where […]

Cheep Cheap!

I got my returned items and have started polishing them up., Some have gone in the bin as I wasn’t happy with them but most are perfectly saleable as I first thought, in fact I have more good ones that I realised. So I’m selling them off! I have 5 different girls, but 1 is […]

PennyDog’s bonkers clearout bonanza!

Did that grab your attention? šŸ˜‰ I’ve just got back from a stockist who has changed my stock over and no longer want my image pendant range, in favour of fabric pendants. I didn’t realise quite how much stuff they had though! So this weekend I am offering you, dear reader, up to 50% off! […]

My first (proper) order :)

Yesterday I got my first buyer for my resin jewellery on Etsy. She chose the Hawaii necklace as a birthday present for her sister and I’ve attached an extra little pineapple charm to it for her. That’s the first Ā£1 to The Retired Greyhound Trust too! Will have to make some more for the fashion […]