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I’ve been pinning instead of sewing in the mornings before work this week. Eagle-eyed Instagrammers will know I based the moose quilt onto a green leaf background on the weekend, well it “didn’t fit the brief” so after making OH unpick it himself and take all the pins out I swapped it over and I […]

Highlights from Festival of Quilts

I took some photos at the show of some of my favourites. It turns out I have a bit of a preference for applique quilts and natural colours mostly- yes that means there’s some brown quilts in there…! The show is pretty expensive to get in and park and a lot of people said it […]

Book Review: Blanket Stitch Quilts

Firstly thank you for the emails of support for the magazine I’ve been getting. I’ve made a contender for the worlds biggest spreadsheet working out the schedule and costs and I’m hoping to launch the Kickstarter campaign in just a couple of weeks after I’ve had a meeting with the distributor and finished writing up […]

Festival of Quilts 2012 piccys!

This is a very image heavy post- just so you know 😉 You might want to get a cup of tea before you continue… I hope you enjoy it, it’s taken well over an hour to put together! Today I was up stupid early (before dawn during summer) to work on a little agency merchandising […]