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Festival of Quilts, Calgary

I didn’t have a whole lot of time at the Festival of Quilts to see absolutely everything, but I got a fair number of breaks to wander around considering I was at work! Heritage Park is a historical village reconstruction of what the West used to look like, It has a steam train (and paddleboat); […]

The quilts I am taking

I have made a fair few quilts in my time, I probably make around seven or eight decent size ones a year, I think. I haven’t counted. With moving, I’ve attempted to streamline my collection a bit, but there are some quilts that I can’t sell or giveaway. They are my sofa quilts and they are staying […]

Festival of Quilts 2015 – round up

This year, I went to Festival of Quilts for two days with Hannah and went to two one hour sessions, a first for me. It meant I had lots of time to see several things multiple times and so I got to see every quilt on show. As usual I like to do a bit […]

Photos from the British Quilt and Stitch Village show

I must be honest and say that not many things caught my eye this year, so I really do hope more people enter next year, even if that does mean more competition for me! The show is only three years old so it’s a shame that there are less quilts this time round. Still as usual, […]

Quilt and Stitch Village show starts friday!

Are you going to the Quilt and Stitch Village Show at Uttoxeter racecourse this weekend? I’m going on Sunday afternoon wearing my reporter hat (note: metaphorical hat) and I’m going to meet up with a couple of people there. If anyone else is around that day I’d love to meet up 🙂 If you’re going […]

Highlights from Festival of Quilts

I took some photos at the show of some of my favourites. It turns out I have a bit of a preference for applique quilts and natural colours mostly- yes that means there’s some brown quilts in there…! The show is pretty expensive to get in and park and a lot of people said it […]

Quilt and Stitch Village

It sounds like the start of a joke, an Anglian, a Bristolian, a Yorkshireman, a Canadian and a Scot walk into a racecourse… By the way isn’t it time there was a non-gender specific word for someone who comes from Yorkshire? I think so. So yesterday Ange, Reene, Susan, Katy and I went on the […]