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Not your usual WIP plus Hug Hearts

I haven’t actually been sewing at all the last few days, which makes blogging a bit harder. The usual times have been filled with taking Hank to puppy day care, getting shin splints, boring appointments, going out for a carvery and that kind of thing, but I have kind of been working. I’ll have more […]

Hank – Pets on Quilts

Hank is coming up to his 6 month “birthday”, he’s a big boy, but is a puppy honest 😉 Regular visitors will know that Hank is a regular on this blog, and sometimes his auntie Gwen, our older greyhound, makes an appearance too. I’ve got to be honest, I’m exploiting his puppy good looks to […]

WIP Wednesday

I’m still here, I’m still reading blogs daily and I’m still sewing 🙂 I’m currently working on something secret. I totally hate that as I’m rubbish with secrets. It’s using the new Rustique collection that isn’t even out yet, how lucky am I? Hopefully I will get a bit of time doing more on it […]

Puppies that like fabric – an almost tutorial

Hank is perpetually diving into my bag of scrap strips or pinching charm squares out of my scrap drawer, it drives me round the bend! I was talking to my friend Gina last night and she told me to make him a fabric bone. Then I saw this on Pinterest this morning… spooky. Anyway Hank […]

The puppy escape plan

I have two magazine commissions not even started, plus another 2-4 quilts I want to pitch (again not even started) because I need the money for my wedding. The puppy dented my savings for this as well as pretty much all the sewing time (as mentioned in the last post) since he cannot be trusted to play […]

Mind elsewhere

I’ve not been able to sew in the mornings as usual lately for reasons explained in the above photo (he loves sitting on the sewing machine pedal too), plus I’ve been having to tire this little one out so that he sleeps- Alex is on night shifts so he’s the one that needs to sleep […]

Instahank and Gwenstagram

Oh my gosh puppies are so cute but they are trying!     And a picture of Gwen so she isn’t left out 🙂 By the way she could not care less about our new resident, which is great. When we’ve rehomed rescue dogs in the past with existing dogs, we have always been told […]

Puppy puppy puppy puppy

Quick dash post today to say the new puppy is called Hank- it was on a very long list, but when we found out his pedigree name is Run Forest Run (and apparently Gump wasn’t an option 😉 ) It re-surfaced and just made sense 🙂 If you want to see lots more Hank pictures, […]

Really Random Thursday Puppy Special

Thanks for bearing with me whilst I pimped my services yesterday- it actually resulted in a couple of jobs so thank you those people, you know who you are! Also thank you to Sarah as I got some more squares in the post! I wonder if there will be more today? I now know which […]