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Sewing World

I have a project in the latest issue of Sewing World which came out yesterday, sneak peek!

Free sample project from Fabricate now available!

The photo isn’t the finished one as I’ve not commissioned a photographer yet, however the clock project is now available for you for free! You can pop onto the Indiegogo gallery page to download it or you can put your email into the form on www.fabricatemag.co.uk and I will email it to you! And if […]

Tutorial- Customised Plastic Tags

These are tags I made for Sarah at Fripperies and Bibelots, however I’ve decided not to make these for sale anymore so I may as well pass on how I make them in case you want them for jewellery, maybe cards or even little zip pulls… YOU WILL NEED Printable shrink plastic Printer and computer […]

Mouthy Stitches Pouch completed!

I was naughty and skipped Fencing last night because I desperately wanted to get my Mouthy Stitches swap finished. I’ve been working on this pouch on and off for a month, getting intimidated by various elements (and angry hedgehog under the sewing machine) a various stages and hiding it in my WIP drawer for a […]

Finished my first quilt!

It’s nowhere near perfect, but it withstood washing (albeit at 30 in a pillowcase with 3 colour catchers), it’s cute and it means I can move onto my next project! This cot size quilt took nearly a month to make but with large gaps in between stages and a surge at the end (did the binding […]

Felt flower hairslide tutorial video

Due to my latest obsession with the Big Shot, I have done a video for Popular Crafts which makes cute little felt hairslides. Here it is! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86fjbzGW2RI]

W00t! A tute! Distressed Victorian Lace recycled jewellery pendant

It’s about time I shared a tutorial with you. I have a couple of other ones I hope to post relatively soon too… You will need: Clear Polyester Gelcoat Plastic spoon (optional) Plastic cup Mixing stick Mould release spray Hot pink Pearl Ex powder Lisa Pavelka “Romance” Texture stamp Band Saw or Junior Hacksaw Black […]

I’m really untidy at the minute and this is why…

I’m working on a 2 week assignment to make 250 necklaces and 125 charms. This is really testing me since by the time my moulds were ready I only had 10 days! My fingers are bleeding from invisible wounds from all the sanding I’ve been doing. Yuck. So I’m taking a break right now. Anyway […]

Chessboard Project 2010: Part 1

I am undertaking a large project in 2010 as already mentioned a few posts earlier. I am making a chessboard complete with two sets of chess pices. The pieces will be the popular Staunton style, and whilst I haven’t decided opn whether to go for glittery, marbled colour or button inclusions yet, they will be […]

Create Your Own Resin Jewellery – the book

I’ve started on my book over the last few days and aim to offer it for sale on 1st March 2009 in e-book form, followed shortly by a limited number of paperback books in a compact 6×9″ size.  There will be 12 projects to follow and approximately 80 full colour pages. The e-book will be for […]