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Trying something new

No not another sewing project! I’ve turned my hand to a bit of article writing instead of always making projects for magazines. I have another in the queue and one being written (albeit incredibly slowly), but on Friday my very first one will be out! I’m a subscriber to Popular Patchwork so I get my […]

Big up!

A “big up” for myself that is. I have a project on the cover of Popular Patchwork this month, yep that’s my Diaspyros quilt from late last year. And also I’m just sneaking in on the cover of Quilt Now with my Horseplay Cushion. Scarily I have nothing else in the immediate pipeline for magazines […]

Not your usual WIP plus Hug Hearts

I haven’t actually been sewing at all the last few days, which makes blogging a bit harder. The usual times have been filled with taking Hank to puppy day care, getting shin splints, boring appointments, going out for a carvery and that kind of thing, but I have kind of been working. I’ll have more […]

Well, that didn’t work.

My thread is still snapping but the tension of the stitches looks perfect…. I checked that the top thread unrolled the right way (Dianne– yes the thread comes off the spool at the front as you say it should, which I’d call clockwise now after all that- the Aurifil does still go the weird way […]

Plugity plug

I’ve got a few publications going on at the moment. I’ve another to come but I haven’t seen it yet so don’t want to be presumptuous. First off, the current issue of Popular Patchwork is a bag special, and my bag is on the cover… And looking at the inside page, my giant churn dash […]

Me me me

And more me… I just got my subscription copy of Popular Patchwork, which is in newsagents next Friday and there’s another of my quilt patterns in there- that’s right, I finally finished writing up Wallander! It’s a good one because they used my photos too which is a bit of a confidence boost. And the […]

On sale today!

What’s this here? Oh yes that would be Helsinki Square Dance on the cover of Popular Patchwork on sale today! And look, what’s this I see on the inside of Sewing World, what is going to be on the cover of January’s issue….? Oh yeah that’s mine too- cornering the sewing magazine market from 20th […]

Some good news

I bought the latest Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine and noticed a subscription offer and from that I understand that starting at the end of September, there will be 13 issues a year. Finally a contemporary quilting magazine available regularly! I know my plan for Fabricate never took off as I didn’t raise enough funds, […]

Front cover!

Just swinging by on this hot summers day to tell you that my quilt made the cover on the next issue of Popular Patchwork, out on Friday! More info on this is here: http://www.popularpatchwork.com/news/article/popular-patchwork-august-2013/16036

Squishy post

Other than my quilt top, I’ve received quite a bit of fun post lately. First up I got my neon yellow Michael Miller solid. It was stiff and pretty potent so I pre-washed it (something I never do). It’s taken some of the brightness and crunchiness out but I’m a bit concerned that it’s a […]