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A Finish: Hadley Doughnuts

My Hadley quilt plan became a large cushion. It just felt right not to make too many of these, and the fact I got to stash most of the fabrics again had absolutely nothing to do with it of course… The background is Kona Natural I think, and it uses a mixture of techniques. Firstly, […]

Cushion Complete

Well that’s my “Lovely Year of Finishes” project out of the way! I finished up the cushion for my MIL and although it’s a bit wonky (I didn’t unpick that seam and it wasn’t very square) I think she’ll like it. So here are the obligatory photos…

A little less procrastination a little more action please

Last night and yesterday morning I did A LOT of sewing. It makes up for napping under four of my quilts for the middle part of the afternoon I think. Firstly I almost finished the applique job, but got bored so I moved on… I made this improvised patchwork cushion in the morning from some […]