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Kerry vs Chalk Paint

I’ve got to say it, I was nearly defeated! To elaborate on the chairs posted in my vlog a little bit more, I posted this picture on Instagram last weekend, (the seat reupholstered, but not yet back on the legs) and asked people what I should do about the state of the wood. These chairs […]

Tutorial: Gelatin Printing on Fabric

I’m working on a mini quilt for the Brit Quilt swap and for the border squares I wanted to introduce a bit of personality. I could have put in some of the fabrics I’ve had printed with my designs but it wouldn’t fit in with the more abstract colour based design I’ve made so far. […]

Giving it a whirl….

I had a go at a resin painting effect. Didn’t come out the same as I’d drawn it, but it looks kind of like fire! I think I like it, and plan to make more in fire colours- what do you think?

Pictures of Plush display

Lorrie of Illusio Creative (http://www.illusiocreative.co.uk) has kindly ventured into Plush Jewellery to take some pictures of my display in there, how kind! Here’s a couple that were sent over to me today, though I’m getting a disk too! How lucky am I? 😀 I noticed a few things aren’t on display including my ice jewellery, […]