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‘Modern’ quilts and coloured backgrounds

This blog post is an outpouring of thoughts with a lot of questions about ‘modern’ quiltmaking. You have been warned. On Instagram over the last few days, Robert Kaufman have been putting up their new Kona solid colours. I think there are some real beauties in there, and it makes me really want to make a […]

Not guilty! (Kerrie Allman mix up)

Quick post to try and correct anything out there in Internet land which may reference me and my e-mail address as being the publisher of failed, lousy craft magazine, Modern Quilting, before my honest reputation is damaged… I am not she, you’re actually looking for Kerrie Allman, previously of All Craft Media. Here’s why you […]

Conversation Bag Tweaks

Have you seen the fantastic free pattern for the Conversation Bag over on Sew Sweetness?  I made one! It was also in the first issue of Modern Quilting which is where I worked from and where I saw it first and decided I MUST MAKE ONE. If you fancy making one too I thought I’d […]

Modern Quilting Magazine

Modern Quilting magazine comes out tomorrow! It’s a bimonthly magazine but I am fortunate enough to have found out about it early so I have subscribed and got my copy on Saturday morning- hurrah! Anyway I was pleasantly surprised. It’s got two Amy Butler projects including the one on the cover (which actually I don’t […]