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Make 50: Week 48, 49 and 50

Here’s my newest three things- and it finishes the challenge! It’s really interesting seeing the whole year’s progress in one big mosaic (the last 14 images have been removed due to image limits!):

Failure never tasted so good….

I didn’t blog about this before because I was still in the audition stages, but I am now able to talk about it. I went for an audition for a new BBC1 show called “New Brands” after my application form was accepted. It’s sort of an after-Dragons-Den style programme where you get to pitch to […]

Make 50: Week 46

This week’s make is a submission for the Upcycle Christmas competition run by Folksy. The Carnaby bangle is made with plastic beads from a charity shop and will go up for auction for Sue Ryder Care in a few weeks time. On another note I am at Bungalows and Bears in Sheffield this Saturday afternoon […]

Make 50: Week 45 and custom order continued

My make for this week is this pair of earrings, they have fabric embedded inside which gives them an ornate sketchy feel. I am progressing with the custom order I blogged about in my last post. The pieces are now sanded and polished (sorry for the flash I took it after 10pm last night), I […]

Make 50: Week 44

This week’s make is this pair of ladybird earrings: And I was asked to keep you posted on the friendship necklaces, so here are the two I currently have available, working on a girly girly one at the minute:

Make 50: Week 43

I made these knitting needles as a custom order this week:

Make 50: Weeks 41 and 42…. and um… 20.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I had a picture missing in my Make 50 set on Flickr. Turns out I jumped from Week 19 to 21. Oops. So here’s three new things to share… Gardening cufflinks Glitter cuff (not available for sale as has been sent off for secret project) Haberdashery paperweight Only […]

Make 50: Week 39 and 40

Last week I made this bracelet and additional charm as a custom order with horse hair and silver stamped plaques. These hairsticks were made this week and are now available in my Folksy shop.

Make 50: Week 38, or how to create a mess

I’ve been making textured bangles and highlighting with colour, for example these resin bangles with metallic enamel paint…   However I wanted to create some with black recesses and bought acrylic paint, thinking this would work better. It didn’t. It was messy trying to wipe off the excess paint whilst still wet so I left […]

Make 50: Week 37

I’ve started making cards! What do you think- do they work?