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Applique and I are not best friends at the moment. I’m pretty happy with gluestick applique but I thought I’d give needleturn ago and I ended up with a blooming mess. Then I gave up and decided to machine stitch, but as the pieces were only tacked down, I ended up with weird lump bits and […]

Tutorial: Turned Edge Machine Appliqué

Here’s a little tutorial on how I put together my picture quilts. I decided to apply the same principle to my birds and berries quilt but just a couple of small motifs. This technique can be used for large or small scale stuff! I can’t show you this in full yet though- I’m 18″ of […]

Sewing machine FAIL and a happy ending

I’ve had a bit of a stitchy fortnight, last weekend I completed my badger cushion and I LOVE it… It’s by Gail Lawther as part of the Enchanted Forest range of designs. You stitch it from the back and cut away the excess fabric, then sew bias tape over the joins (or in my case […]