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The Lovely Year of Finishes

I achieved 9 finishes out of 11 (why didn’t I set 12?) in the 2013 Lovely Year of Finishes… I’m not going to take part this year, however I do have a wall chart and I will be doing the Finish Along for the third year running, I think that will be enough motivation!

Well, this is embarrassing…

I’m to name one thing to finish this month for the Lovely Year of Finishes, however I have grown my list quite considerably over the last few days and I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! I’m going to choose this as my finish- it’s going to be an Urban Nine Patch block with […]

Mini Quilt

An imaginative title there! I’ve finished the mini quilt for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap, here it is… It’s made with the quick curve ruler. I added some mini charms and some fabric as extras. There’s a sleeve on the back for wall hanging too. I’m posting it tomorrow and I’ll let you […]

November target

Well I didn’t finish my parquetry quilt in time for the end of October, but the good news is it just needs binding and it’s done, so hopefully by Monday I will be showing it all finished. I do need a target for November though, and the Mini Quilt Swap I’m taking part in ends […]


I had to sing that a la Gold. Sorry if that’s in your head now. It’s that time again, we’re entering the last quarter of the year and that means goals for me. Goals for the Finish Along and a goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes. My first is going to be a goal […]

Liberty Mandala Applique Quilt

I’ve not decided whether this is a Liberty flower or a Liberty mandala, but either way it was made from my stack of Liberty Stile I won at the Fat Quarterly Retreat… The design was made on Illustrator and then I printed the templates from there and glue stick appliqu├ęd them, with machine blind hem […]

Top finished!

I’m on target to finish this before the month end to enter for the QAL prizes I reckon! On Sunday I pieced the deer block, did all of the green improv and cut out the black squares and pieced it all together (I also made a cushion front but that’s a different story) and so […]

Quilting Along

I’m making my Forest QAL project an official WIP because I’ve decided to go for it and get it done for the end of August so I can enter it into the linky party, pieced, quilted, bound. Here’s what my wall looks like now (just the stag block and some improv to go! OK yeah […]

Target setting

Well, I might just sneak Wallander in during “bonus week”- Leanne has given us until the 7th to get our second quarter finishes in and I’ve been squaring up (well, as best I manage it really) this morning, a bit naughty really since I still have 3 little sections left to quilt but I ran […]

Wallander Top, completed!

Yey, I finished it just before work this morning! The bottom right corner features some circles, the real reason is because I ran out of dark green, the posh competition reason is because I wanted to echo another theme from the same office that I drew inspiration from. Sorry the picture is a bit weird. […]