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Imaginative title right there! Anyway, I ordered these cards from Huggle Up– an app on my phone that prints polaroid-esque pictures from your Photos or Instagram, but you can do it online too… Or they do plain squares… These are the standard sizes but they do mini ones too. I’ve not been sponsored to write […]

iPhone Inspired Cushion

I managed another finish from my Q1 list this weekend, my cushion… Inspired by this icon on my phone… It’s made with EPP, I clipped and glued the curves like I would with applique pieces but to the paper on the underside and then pulled the paper out after sewing it to the background, by […]

Phone case crazy

After my tutorial yesterday on how to make these, I have made quite a few more phone cases (until I ran out of decent wadding scraps) working with stuff I’ve rooted out of my scraps drawer. Basically it was a diversion from patching together the world’s most boring pattern curtains. I have done nearly a […]

Tutorial: Easy Peasy iPhone Pouch

I wanted to blog about a couple of things but they may have to remain secret. So I’ve broken my blog silence with a tutorial. I thought you might enjoy! My original measurements were well out- any idea what I could use a mini pouch like this for? It’s 11cm tall so it could hold […]


A quick post to share this with you, how great is this? I might get one and pretend my phone is a little more impressive than it really is… By Louise Campbell on http://www.myehive.com