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Sunday Stash (my first)

Today is the first link up I’ve done for Sunday Stash- I thought I’d use it to chastise myself for the amount of fabric I’ve bought these last few months when I was supposed to be abstaining. There were some other bits purchased too- a FQ or a few yards here and there that have […]

WIP Wednesday- I ♥ Quilting

I’ve been quilting the Stephen Fry quilt! OK so I started it after 9pm as I had about half an hour of handstitching the odd binding slip and also the gap where I turned it out so there’s only about an hour’s work here but it’s coming together quite quickly. This is the first time I’ve done […]

Studio update, and make 50: week 17

It’s been a little while- moving has been very hectic, but I’ve taken a few pictures of the progress of the workshop so far. Not finished yet mind, very untidy! I went to Ikea on Thursday for some more furniture, and ended up with towels, plates, glasses, the usual really- tsk at Ikea! I was on […]