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Share the space

I’ve given up a wardrobe so Alex can paint- until we get a house of our own with more room. In Ikea, We chanced upon the exact same desk in the clearance corner that we were going to buy flatpacked, plus 25% off so that was a good find. The door can just be closed […]

The puppy escape plan

I have two magazine commissions not even started, plus another 2-4 quilts I want to pitch (again not even started) because I need the money for my wedding. The puppy dented my savings for this as well as pretty much all the sewing time (as mentioned in the last post) since he cannot be trusted to play […]

New room!

I had my workroom built in our garage! OH and his dad spent the weekend putting a divider up, it’s still bloody cold and bloody messy, but we are getting somewhere! Got windows going in in the New Year, but the temporary space blanket was a nice thought 🙂

Home Sweet Home

As some of you will know, we bought our first house on Friday! As a result, the last few days have been spent ferrying stuff from the rented house to the new one. I’m getting a new workroom by converting the garage, but in the meantime this is what I have to put up with: […]


I’m getting a new carpet, well floorcovering, in the gallery area…. Unfortunately it means my craft room is full of chairs and looks like this at the minute. *sigh*

Skint day

I’ve been a little bit strapped for cash today, so after paying some cheques in at the bank and posting out some orders I finished off some more bangles: And I took the dogs for a walk and collected some autumn paraphenalia for embedding in some more jewellery. I’m thinking of moulding the acorn and […]

The start of something wonderful…

I got the keys to this place on Friday! Yes, all of it (except the Lexus 4×4)! All of the rooms are huge, including the kitchen… The breakfast room (which will be the pie room as OH is going into business with a local chef)… The man room (where OH will go to think upon […]