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WIP Wednesday

I’m still here, I’m still reading blogs daily and I’m still sewing 🙂 I’m currently working on something secret. I totally hate that as I’m rubbish with secrets. It’s using the new Rustique collection that isn’t even out yet, how lucky am I? Hopefully I will get a bit of time doing more on it […]

My old boy

A lot has happened since September when I posted about Fletcher’s health problems. I’ve been back and read it through again and it’s made me realise just how old he has got over these four short months, but months we were not expecting us to be with us for. He’s still plodding on (quite literally) […]

Giveaway Winner (and lots of biscuits for Fletcher)

So, how many flying geese did I make? I had around 500 entries and NONE of the guesses were right- can you believe that? Maybe the photo could have been taken from a better angle because they were all there! I made 72. 18 for each border in this quilt top which was started by […]

Be proud!

Firstly I did blog yesterday, over on my old blog to tell you to come here. Thank you those who did! So I’m still on track for Blogtoberfest 😛 Secondly I worked my socks off last night and The curtain is NEARLY DONE! Usual stand off with the dog that treats fabric on the floor as a […]


I was going to do a quick post today to prove I’ve done a bit more on the curtain, however Fletcher had other ideas… And he does this kind of thing quite regularly, he likes to get involved when he’s not welcome… And a lovely soft wadding pillow for his old man head… I was […]

Noo Fabric

I was going to post about my curtain- yes singular- this weekend but they were a bit of a shouty disaster so I shall leave that for a time when I have fixed the problem and can think about it without feeling disappointed with myself. So on a positive note, there are new fabrics in […]

Bird cutting die giveaway!

I found this die whilst tidying up my room this weekend- I’ve never used it! It works in most die cutting machines and cuts paper, card, etc into cute birdy shapes… It’s the Bird of Paradise die from Marianne Design and the wing is separate so you can do 3D stuff with it if you […]

Penny and Fletcher – all finished at last!

It’s finally done, the binding is on, the sleeve has been sewn onto the back, the paint has been set, my label is attached and it’s in the post… I’ve pretty much dedicated my weekend to this quilt. Aside from housework, a jaunt to Morrisons, a nap, reading Giant George’s book, watching Snakes on a […]

Goodbye Penny

I’m writing this now because I won’t be able to do it later, I’ll be too sad. For the last week to ten days, Penny has been falling over a lot, whether indoors or even in the middle of the road. She’s always had bad legs, but it spread to her front ones and has […]

OMG I am a pushy parent.

I took Fletcher to a dog show today and together we entered Most Handsome Dog and Dog Judge Would Most Like To Take Home categories. I couldn’t enter Best Specimen of breed because he’s got a spot of alopecia and a tear drop tattoo on his face which as far as I’m aware people in […]