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Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

It’s that time of year again where Amy does a BIG link up with bloggers and the quilts they want to show as part of an online quilt show. Regular readers, I do apologise as you’re probably sick to the back teeth of this one, however it is my most recent “proper” finish and it […]

Quilt and Stitch Village

It sounds like the start of a joke, an Anglian, a Bristolian, a Yorkshireman, a Canadian and a Scot walk into a racecourse… By the way isn’t it time there was a non-gender specific word for someone who comes from Yorkshire? I think so. So yesterday Ange, Reene, Susan, Katy and I went on the […]

Good evening good evening good evening good evening…

Friday evening saw me finish up the Fryed Pixels quilt! It was washed and dried Saturday and apart from having to do a bit of hand stitching here and there to tidy it up and adding the sleeve on the back, it is what I call, finished. It looks better from a distance (not because […]

WIP Wednesday- I ♥ Quilting

I’ve been quilting the Stephen Fry quilt! OK so I started it after 9pm as I had about half an hour of handstitching the odd binding slip and also the gap where I turned it out so there’s only about an hour’s work here but it’s coming together quite quickly. This is the first time I’ve done […]

A little less procrastination a little more action please

Last night and yesterday morning I did A LOT of sewing. It makes up for napping under four of my quilts for the middle part of the afternoon I think. Firstly I almost finished the applique job, but got bored so I moved on… I made this improvised patchwork cushion in the morning from some […]

I’m going to fail, sorry

A quick apology. All sorts have been going on over the last few days, whether it’s been skating classes or hockey games or visits from family members until gone 11pm at night… Which means I’m really not going to get the Fryed Pixels quilt top done for the Lovely Year of Finishes. I’m about 85% […]

WIP-ping up

This is the last time I bore you with the Fryed Pixels quilt until the top is finished. If you are actually interested in watching this grow step by step, may I point you in the direction of this Crafteroo thread, which I am using to document my progress. So anyway it’s the halfway point […]

Bee-ing good

First things first, those who were interested in the half rectangle triangle solution, go visit this thread here. I’ve not actually tried it yet as I got a bit fed up with them 😀 I thought I’d try and get on top of my sewing obligations today! Here’s Brittany’s quilt top for Around the Bend […]

Fabric Fabric Fabric

Yey lots of pretty pictures of pretty things for legitimate reasons! So I got home from work to find TWO squishy parcels dating back from the end of the year when I decided I needed birthday gifts and also to order fabric to make up some of my quilt patterns and make them more saleable. […]

2013, The Year of Finishes

This year I am going to continue with the Finish Along, now hosted by Leanne at She Can Quilt. Technically I’m a couple of days early for the link up but I also want to take part in “A Lovely Year of Finishes” too and I think these two things will work well together at […]