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Tutorial: Get Etsy Friendly Photos!

White background cutout images are the best when it comes to being noticed on Etsy for treasuries and such. Dull pictures just don’t show your product in the best light- literally! I know my way of doing this is a bit rough and ready, but it gives a bright white finish with bright colours to […]

Have you met Zara?

So as promised, I’m talking about Zara today after talking about Laura yesterday. Zara works as a textile printing instructor at Loughborough University- she has a real life proper crafty job which is something I envy her for! Naturally, her area of interest is screenprinting, and Zara Emily creates some beautiful designs for babies but I know […]

Book Review: Quilt a Gift for Christmas by Barri Sue Gaudet

This review is brought to you by Gina who is kindly guest blogging today. Since we’re in the last 12 weeks of the year it’s time for the C word! This book covers a wide range of projects for the festive season, though a lot of them could be used for other celebrations with a little […]

The Folksy uprising

There’s been a lot of anger in the online handmade community over the last 24 hours stemming from an update to Folksy‘s rules (which you can find here). I think the main problem is there are a lot of vague areas between their interpretation of handmade vs hand assembled, of which I asked to give […]

Ch- ch- changes!

I am drastically cutting down the pieces of jewellery I am now selling. I’ve started by giving the Etsy and Folksy shops a good weeding and this will follow onto the main PennyDog site. Why? Well it is silly me offering more and more made to order items that I don’t have time to replenish. […]

Have I ever mentioned my supplies shop?

You’ll be glad to hear I have another resin tutorial coming up this week, I’m really getting my act together now. However this weekend I have been rather poorly, which has given me an opportunity to get some more stuff listed in my Folksy supplies shop that has been waiting around forever. I set it […]

Please visit my friend!

My friend Gina has set up her Folksy shop this week and is doing well putting her items on! Please go and have a look at her shop, it would be great to get her hits up! Thank you 🙂

A few good (wo)men

After my last negative(ish) post about resin crafters that copy, I’ve decided to show some of my favourite designers here who are making marvellous work in the world of resin! I even own a pendant from Serena Kuhl, a ring from Fake ID from the Resin Swap and I’m excitedly waiting for a cuff from […]

Folksy Top Picks

Both of my Folksy shops have a feature in their Top Picks this week (on the theme of crafting supplies and tools)- yey!

My new hobby

Because I clearly don’t have enough to do with all of the resin casting and cross stitching I do, I’ve decided to take up another craft 😉 This is my first attempt at a Decopatch bangle which I got as a kit from The Decopatch Place. I got so addicted to glue and paper that […]