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It’s time for that post

It’s starting to hit me, Fletcher is gone. I’ve not had a big cry yet, just a couple of little sobs but I feel it might be on the way today. This is quite an upsetting and long post so I won’t be offended if you don’t read it. This weekend we were at Alex’s […]

My old boy

A lot has happened since September when I posted about Fletcher’s health problems. I’ve been back and read it through again and it’s made me realise just how old he has got over these four short months, but months we were not expecting us to be with us for. He’s still plodding on (quite literally) […]

I’m back…

First thing first, I had 43 entries in time for my magazine giveaway so I have drawn a winner… Congrats to Anita, I’ll be emailing in just a moment. I’m back home! I have done a small bit of hand sewing but my heart’s not really in it at the moment, in fact I’ve not […]

Park West

I’ve finished the Park West pattern by Sew Sweetness just in time to enter the Sew Mama Sew competition (it’s all about SMS this week). It does use quite a lot of fabric and I was ill prepared, so it’s made with a mixture of fabrics, a dalmatian print (thanks Ange for the extra bit […]

Friday Life Recap

I’ve not been blogging (or Instagramming) as much lately, mostly because I’ve been doing other boring work that helps to pay the bills and not really sewing much. Work has been busy and will get busier next week and I’m finding myself falling asleep in front of the TV in the evenings. Once I have […]

MacWet gloves review

MacWet gloves may not be your obvious choice for quilting. Some people swear by Machingers or gardening gloves, but when I was asked if I’d like to try a pair, I thought I would give it a go! A bit of background info on MacWet as I’d not heard of them- they make grippy gloves […]

The story of the Boo

Every time I hear The Story of The Blues by Wah! I have to sing The story of the boo along with it. Boo is one of the original nicknames for Fletcher (as in Fletchyboo obviously). He went to the vets yesterday. He ran to the car wagging his tail thinking he was going somewhere […]

Liberty Mandala Applique Quilt

I’ve not decided whether this is a Liberty flower or a Liberty mandala, but either way it was made from my stack of Liberty Stile I won at the Fat Quarterly Retreat… The design was made on Illustrator and then I printed the templates from there and glue stick appliqu├ęd them, with machine blind hem […]

Giveaway Winner (and lots of biscuits for Fletcher)

So, how many flying geese did I make? I had around 500 entries and NONE of the guesses were right- can you believe that? Maybe the photo could have been taken from a better angle because they were all there! I made 72. 18 for each border in this quilt top which was started by […]


I’ve not had much time for sewing because I’ve been researching, I’ve done a little bit but in general I think confidence is a good theme for this post. A few good things, a few not so good if you will. But things that can hopefully be overcome with confidence. I sat down and worked […]