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Q2 Finish Along Goals

Well I didn’t do that great last quarter – I finished two of four projects and made a ton of new stuff instead. Naturally then, two of these projects roll over into quarter two’s finish along. Firstly the Hadley doughnuts are as I left them- one partial block. I would like this to be a quilt […]

Quarter 3 Finish Along Goals

I didn’t do that great last quarter but I’m not beating myself up about it because things that NEEDED to be done were done, Hank is getting more manageable every day and I got to relax too so I’d say that was a success. At the end of this quarter I get married, plus I […]

Ziggy / Bowie – another sneaky finish

I’m not sure I like this quilt still but it has been improved since the top finish. I think the face looks wonky? I took off some excess in the end and pieced a back with a rainbow effect. Cindy suggested if I didn’t like it maybe I should add some colour to define the lightning […]

Finish Along Goal Setting – Quarter 1

It’s that time again, and it’s the only “along” I’m doing this year so I will make it count! This year’s Finish Along is hosted by Katy, so if you fancy confessing your WIPs and hopefully finishing them by the end of March (for this quarter anyway) for a chance to win prizes, hop on […]

Parquetry – complete!

I know how much you all love the colour brown, so earlier in the year at the Uttoxeter show when Ange, Susan, Reene and Katy were making rude remarks about the largely brown traditional quilts, I decided to be subversive and declared I would make a contemporary brown quilt (sorry I still disagree with the […]


I had to sing that a la Gold. Sorry if that’s in your head now. It’s that time again, we’re entering the last quarter of the year and that means goals for me. Goals for the Finish Along and a goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes. My first is going to be a goal […]

A finish, but not without a fight

Wallander is done done done! I’ve just scraped it in during the Finish A Long bonus week too. At the start of April this is how much I had (about 10 blocks)… So that’s pretty good right? It wasn’t without a fight though. When I got it out of the washer this morning and was […]

Target setting

Well, I might just sneak Wallander in during “bonus week”- Leanne has given us until the 7th to get our second quarter finishes in and I’ve been squaring up (well, as best I manage it really) this morning, a bit naughty really since I still have 3 little sections left to quilt but I ran […]

Goal setting and a winner

Firstly, my OH has solved the wonky Wallander block problem. It seems to be that if I number the pieces differently and put all the corners on at the end it lines up beautifully, look: However I am still needing to paper piece 100 of these in total which is harder than I thought. I’ve […]

Great Granny Finished

Lots of photos, mainly because it was dark and really difficult to take one I liked, so you’re getting the whole lot! This quilt is made from 9 12″ blocks from the Great Granny Along that started last summer, the tutorial for the block is HERE. All the fabrics used are from a Curio jelly […]