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My old boy

A lot has happened since September when I posted about Fletcher’s health problems. I’ve been back and read it through again and it’s made me realise just how old he has got over these four short months, but months we were not expecting us to be with us for. He’s still plodding on (quite literally) […]

Things I learned at Retreat (with giveaway)

I didn’t take many pictures whilst I was away so if you want actual workshop and evening images, then please visit the Flickr group or check out all of these hashtags on Instagram #fqrlondon #fqretreat #fqr2013 (yeah I don’t know which is the official one either). I’ve been trying to track down the one of […]

One thing off my FQR list

I’ve been trying to get my stuff together for the retreat on friday. So far I’ve sorted out the scrap strip swap, collected Reene’s sample swap goodies and  started to get fabrics and templates and stuff like that together in one place so I don’t forget them. I’ve also finished sanding and varnishing all of […]

My fantastic retreat name tag!

Short post today, but I just had to show you what Cara sent me for the Fat Quarterly Retreat name tag swap. It’s got a miniature Fletcher on it! I LOVE IT. Talking of which he wasn’t pleased I was sewing again this morning, Started on another Forest block just to keep things moving along […]

Going to FQR London… and pendant reservations

Over on Fat Quarterly there’s a linky party for those going to the Fat Quarterly Retreat in three weeks’ time. Click here to read about some of the others who will be going. For now I’ll introduce myself briefly to newcomers and then show you the wares I am taking to the Quilt Market night! […]

PennyDog Jewellery set to make a brief return

In my infinite wisdom I’ve decided to take some resin fabric pendants along to the Fat Quarterly Retreat Quilt Market. These will include those I’ve had made up but never sold and also some new ones using the retreat’s clientele’s favourite fabric lines such as Summersville, some Tula Pink, Pezzy Print, Julia Rothman Type, some […]

Fat Quarterly Retreat Name Tag Swap

I somehow found time to make the name tag for my swap partner over the last few days. I would have liked to have sewn the pocket lining and the top a bit neater, but I think it’s OK, unpicking it feels worse as the stitches are tiny… The name is blurred out so the […]

So, here’s the thing…

I really want to go to the Fat Quarterly Retreat in July. I didn’t know I did until today and I’m sure there aren’t many spaces left. I’ve figured out how I’m going to lug my big sewing machine around and I’ve found a hotel that’s only £30 a night though a ridiculous distance away (OK […]