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Patterns Patterns Patterns

I’ve been cleaning up my pattern shop with new photos over the weekend and reopened the one on Etsy too! Because I plan to start as I mean to go on, I should be releasing more patterns over the coming months, and each one will be discounted on Craftsy for the first week of release. […]

Crazy mad Etsy sale

I’m having a crazy mad Etsy sale because… *announcement bugle* …we are emigrating to Alberta, Canada ūüôā Now my family know, the only people that don’t is work, and I don’t think anyone there is anyone there remotely interested in my past times so I think I’m safe to share that with you now. We […]

Pluggy pluggy

I’m not sure if I’ve ever really promoted my own website that much. It is kind of an extension of my blog, but in a portfolio-y way. It looks like this… On there I have all the magazines (well, not the jewellery ones from ages ago and the one I used to work on) I’ve […]

How I aim to work the EU VAT thing plus free spreadsheet

I know some people are a bit confused by the mixed messages yet again being sent out by the EU and HMRC.¬†I thought I’d share how I’m going to work it in the short term, as I’m sure in the long term it can’t sustain itself. I’ve had a think as I’m not going to […]

Tutorial: Get Etsy Friendly Photos!

White background cutout images are the best when it comes to being noticed on Etsy for treasuries and such. Dull pictures just don’t show your product in the best light- literally! I know my way of doing this is a bit rough and ready, but it gives a bright white finish with bright colours to […]

Fantastic Day

Imagine I’m singing that Haircut 100 song… Anyway today, despite being at work, was really really good! First off, I got some flowers in the post. It was from a company I’d been dealing with and hadn’t done anything special other than sending a chunk of money their way but it was still nice. There […]

Kindle Cosies

I drafted a pattern for a Kindle pouch on friday night, then saturday morning I stitched it together… Here is my first attempt, about 1/2″ wider and 1/2″ shorter than I¬†wanted the final result to be but the standard¬†Kindle fits nonetheless. The button fastening is a bit tight because the¬†pocket could do with being higher.¬†I […]

A business post: Packaging

I’ve not written a business post for a long while and since I’ve had a small Etsy sale and I was packaging it up anyway, I thought it would be the ideal time to pass on my advice about packaging a sold item for maximum effect. Firstly, I take the time to wrap the item. […]

Have you met Laura?

Over a year ago now, Laura decided to arrange a meet up for Folksy sellers in the local area and invited me along as we’d been to fairs and stuff together even though I wasn’t active over there any more. What actually happened is Laura, Zara and I (who had met before at various craft […]

Sausage Dog Fabric

I’ve got a new design in my Spoonflower fabric¬†shop… It’s available in two colourways as above, and I have a single FQ available in my patterns/supplies Etsy shop for $6- click here. I’ve also already whipped up a simple¬†Kindle pouch using it.