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A gift

Earlier in the week I went to Ange’s house and there was a surprise there! The members of East Midlands Modern Quilt Group had secretly worked on a quilt for me as a leaving present- and of course it was brown, cheeky gits! The maple leaf design was just perfect, and the design was put […]

Already wishing for the weekend (and a Hank update)

Hank turns one on Saturday, he’s now on grown-up food and we’ve released him from his “bedroom” pen and let him have the run of the conservatory. Time will tell if this is a terrible idea or not. The time has definitely flown this past 10 months, looking back at photos he was super tiny cute. […]

Trying something new

No not another sewing project! I’ve turned my hand to a bit of article writing instead of always making projects for magazines. I have another in the queue and one being written (albeit incredibly slowly), but on Friday my very first one will be out! I’m a subscriber to Popular Patchwork so I get my […]

TV sewing

I’m not at the retreat so there will be a bit of TV and  hand stitching going down this weekend- I need to finish sewing on the sleeve and label on the back of the Bowie quilt so I can post it for hanging. I still don’t like it, but there’s not a lot I can do […]

A weekend summary

Firstly, I should tell you that I’m now going to be commenting on people’s blogs with Blogger. I’m a bit tired of people (not one specific person but I can think of at least 4) telling me I’m a “no reply” blogger, when I’m not, I just have an independently hosted blog and as such […]