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The Finish Along is back – Q1 2017

I’m not expecting to get many WIPs finished this quarter, but as usual, I’m going to give it a go, and suggest three things that could possibly get done, or at least develop a bit further! This dress still hasn’t got any further since last quarter, it’s time I got that done. Another no-changer – […]

Francoise – part 1

May I introduce you to my new (almost finished) Francoise dress? The pattern is Francoise by Tilly and the Buttons, and I submitted it 10 minutes before the deadline for the competition last night. I am exhausted and I need to adjust the back. I also need an invisible zip foot and to redo the […]

My new dress

This was a PITA to make too…. There were 15 pieces, 24 tailors tacks on the main bodice panel alone and when I thought I had finished, lining and all, the top was too big and I needed to reduce it which means it’s not as pretty on the inside now. However here is the […]

I made a dress!

Finished finally! Yesterday was the last of my dress making class and whilst there are some bits I would do differently if I was making this again, I think it was pretty successful!