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A fanfare please!

Your eyes do not deceive you. I have indeed finished the curtains at long last! I can sew at night in privacy now. Lovely!

Be proud!

Firstly I did blog yesterday, over on my old blog to tell you to come here. Thank you those who did! So I’m still on track for Blogtoberfest 😛 Secondly I worked my socks off last night and The curtain is NEARLY DONE! Usual stand off with the dog that treats fabric on the floor as a […]

The final finish-a-long

It’s the last quarter of 2012 so I should really get moving on some of these WIPs! I’ve decided to aim for two completions in Rhonda’s Finish-a-long this time round. The first thing I’d like to finish is the infamous curtain. You’ll be glad to hear I actually started on the first 1/4 of the […]

The curtain fiasco

It’s time I told the (boring) story of the curtain fiasco that I hinted at earlier in the week. I now kind of wish I just made it into a quilt. Firstly, you know how I was finding the piecing so boring? Well I finished enough to make one complete curtain, deciding to finish that […]