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Bee Blocks and Quilt Workout and Canada

Quilt Workout is (finally) go! The first pattern – Shine Bright – is now available on Craftsy and walks through each round on this semi-medallion quilt which can be made with a bunch of fat quarters and a co-ordinating solid. It is priced at just $7 USD and there’s some other patterns in my Craftsy […]

Just YouTube stuff, y’know?

Well this arrived in the post today…. Which¬†meant I might have done a few of these… Admittedly in the privacy of my office, not in the Eaton Centre… Normal sewing posts will resume soon. I’ve been working on something I shouldn’t really share yet but hopefully the emergency headlining foam has arrived today to finish […]

1000 post giveaway!

This is my 1000th post! And it wouldn’t be right not to have a giveaway would it? No, it wouldn’t. I’m currently on my 11 day nearly-tour of Canada so let’s see what I can find for you… Here’s the lovely Mad About Patchwork shop, of course I wasn’t going to buy anything… AHEM COUGH […]

Holiday, Hockey, Horton’s and Hound

I’m back from my quick break to Toronto. I’ve only just sorted out some photos, and I’m not going to totally bore you with them all so I’ll give you the highlights. Still this is quite a long post by my standards with a couple of important pieces of news (in my life anyway) so […]

And relax!

My problem is sorted and turned out to not be a problem after all (isn’t that often the way?) and now I can allow myself to start looking forward to my holiday! On Thursday morning I’m flying out to Toronto… CREDIT We’re going to do a spot of shopping first as OH is buying all […]