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Button giveaway

I have this box of buttons. What I call boring buttons- browns and black and whites and standard looking things, but useful nevertheless. The box is 4 inches square and 2.5 inches deep and it’s pretty much full.   Do you want it? If so you have a week (so until midday GMT on Friday 23rd March […]

Button swap – and other stuff

It’s been confirmed that Amiee has received my package so I can now blog what I sent in the Crafteroo button swap! I made my very first book. It was fine up until the point where the cover wouldn’t take the impression of the buttons underneath particularly well so I added a load more glue. […]

Have I ever mentioned my supplies shop?

You’ll be glad to hear I have another resin tutorial coming up this week, I’m really getting my act together now. However this weekend I have been rather poorly, which has given me an opportunity to get some more stuff listed in my Folksy supplies shop that has been waiting around forever. I set it […]


I’m working on some projects for a book proposal and I made these cufflinks with a teeny amount of resin and some plain shank buttons- really pleased with them!

Buttons and boot bracelets

I’ve started putting my glittery buttons online. The colours are a bit limited, but the range will expand over the next couple of weeks! Both shank buttons and buttons with holes are available. I’m also working on some boot bracelets to slip over wool boots such as Ugg boots, but also Cowboy boots. They are […]

Custom order finished… and some other stuff

Firstly- and most importantly- I need to let you all know that the price of the moulds in my shop will all be going up 50p on 1st January because of changing exchange rates and customs charges. But the good news is that for the whole of January you can get 15% off everything (moulds/jewellery/homewares…) […]

Make 50: Week 32

I finished my soap dish, and with SoapyChica’s soap contribution (www.soapychica.co.uk) made a gift box 🙂


I’m quite pleased with how this has worked out. On the left are the buttons I use on my knitting needles with the shank cut off, though I can’t get these anywhere anymore! So what I did was create a mould from the buttons with silicone. I used gelcoat for the brown middle first so […]

Make 50: Week 15 and 16

Since I fell a little behind with my makes, here is last week’s and this week’s together in a single blog post 🙂 Week 15 saw me making a heck of a lot of wool flowers, then wrapping the stems with floral tape… A bit different for me, but there again so were the sock […]

Interview with… Hollingdale Designs

  I have bought lots of Gill’s buttons recently as she started making them for the Comic Relief shop and hasn’t looked back- they’re great for my newly launched Starburst Stackers as well as knitting needle ends. Primarily though, she is a glass artist and makes beautiful fused bowls and plates as well as lampwork beads. […]