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Parquetry – complete!

I know how much you all love the colour brown, so earlier in the year at the Uttoxeter show when Ange, Susan, Reene and Katy were making rude remarks about the largely brown traditional quilts, I decided to be subversive and declared I would make a contemporary brown quilt (sorry I still disagree with the […]

A quilt with legs

Parquetry top is all done, with my holiday very soon though I don’t think I will finish the whole thing in time for the Lovely Year of Finishes goal- just where is October going?! So instead of sewing I used my little bit of morning time cutting 2 1/2″ squares out of my overflowing scraps […]

Thursday Progress

I’ve been busy at work but my brown Parquetry quilt is definitely growing, I’m maybe just over halfway now?… It’s just easy to sew 10-15 blocks in the 30 minutes sewing time I have before work in the morning as the strips are all cut up and ready to go. I can’t remember if I’ve […]

It has begun

I’ve finally stopped talking and started on these 3″ blocks for my modern brown quilt. I did these in the 30-40 minutes sewing time I get before work this morning… There will be 35 of these neon ones in total. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t finished the other 2-3 projects I have on […]