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English Country Garden BOM – Block 8 – Poppy

Sorry for the delay folks, here’s the brand new Poppy block as promised – eventually. This one is a bit easier than the last couple to give you a litle bit of reprieve and it’s a checkerboard background again. The poppy is pretty apt for November so it seemed right to schedule that in this month. […]

English Country Garden BOM – Block 6 – Dahlia

This one will be up for an extra week folks as I’m going on holiday to get married and won’t be back the first monday of October. Luckily I made this one a good one! Here’s your next pattern for the BOM, the Dahlia. The next one is out on the 13th October so this pattern is […]

I don’t like churn dash blocks!

There, I said it! I’m never one to hide their true feelings about colours (give brown a chance!) or patterns, or prints with too much white in them… I think they look weird and are too strong in (industrial) shape to show a secondary pattern. So I challenged myself to come up with some churn […]

Quilt Block Library

So this is pretty cool if you’re looking for block inspiration (maybe for a bee, or your next project). Gen X Quilters have a quilt block library link up on their blog so you can find lots of lovely contemporary block designs all in one place. I’ve submitted the couple from this blog and I […]

What is this?

I havent got much to blog about at the minute- I’m currently learning to ice skate and have a class on Sunday and I’ve managed not to bite my nails for at least 2 months now so I’m having some acrylics done on saturday to protect them- they have never been this long before! Otherwise […]

Not a lot to report

I’ve been away over the weekend so no sewing except a little bit of handsewing in the car. I took OH and his friend to see Tenacious D for his birthday present and did the driving. Even though I went to the cinema, I still had two hours to kill in the car but the […]

Fat Quarterly Challenge

I’ve seen other people blogging about this so I think it must be safe to do so now! I was sent a bundle of lovely brand new Katherine’s Wheel by Nel Whatmore from Fat Quarterly to make a block with. Here’s my stack… Most people have then sewn this block into something. I must confess […]

How do you like this pattern?

I’ve just been having a play with Electric Quilt 7 again and come up with a paper pieced block that looks like this… Which when made into a cushion panel will look like this- pretty! Once I’ve sewn one up I’m thinking of submitting it to a magazine as a pattern. But I can’t think of […]

Free Paper Piecing Pattern: Daisy Star Block

I drew this up the other day on Electric Quilt. Of course it is unfinished, so the edges will meet the side points. It’s actually quite an easy block to do and consists of four pieces. There are loads of tutorials on the internet for how to paper piece so I’m not even going to attempt […]

Savvy Star block done!

This morning before I went to work I sat down and sewed the pieces of my star together. It’s not perfect by any means but it has proven how good the Electric Quilt software is at making correctly sized templates (and how rubbish I am at cutting them out)! I’m going to be that annoying […]