A Quick Tutorial: How to put your Instagram pics on a blog post

I’m back today with a quick tutorial to show you how I get my Instagram posts onto my blog. It’s WordPress hosted, and won’t allow me to use the embed code, I just get a grey box, besides, you may not want it to look like you just pulled it off Instagram, with the frame and caption. Here’s what you do.

Oh I should mention, please only do this on your own images, or ones you have explicit permission to use. Please don’t steal other people’s stuff!

1) Go to www.instagram.com/YOURUSERNAME – putting whatever your username is in there, so for instance mine is www.instagram.com/pennydog. Click the picture you want to use to open it up.

2) Right click the photo and click View Page Source on the menu that pops up.

3) A page like this will open up, but don’t be scared! Scroll down until you see meta content and meta property. The on around line 58 (the lines are all numbered on the left) you should have a bit of code that says <meta property=”og:imagecontent=

4) Copy the entire URL between the speechmarks (“). I use Ctrl and C keyboard commands but you can right click and select Copy.

This URL is now ready to be pasted into your blog when it asks for an image URL, into a mosaic on Big Huge Labs or anywhere where you need an image URL, just as if it was hosted anywhere else on the internet. Here’s mine:

Please enjoy responsibly 🙂

Vlog #13 – September 17th 2017 – Finishing Stuff

I got a couple of smaller projects finished which I’m very pleased about! A Venti tote bag and another Blanche from my classes, plus I talk about events next weekend and the one after that. I’m now making my Banana Candy quilt finally too, using the Scan N Cut shapes I cut out. More on that next week!

I also got a different camera, I didn’t like the two camera set up from last week, so I returned it and got a more expensive one that does everything: HD, decent audio and without having to convert files just to edit them. Easier filming may mean I make more tutorial videos!

Kerry vs Chalk Paint

I’ve got to say it, I was nearly defeated! To elaborate on the chairs posted in my vlog a little bit more, I posted this picture on Instagram last weekend, (the seat reupholstered, but not yet back on the legs) and asked people what I should do about the state of the wood. These chairs were by the side of the road with a table for free, they’re filthy and covered in paint, I think they were part of a kids craft station before they were thrown out and we picked them up.

I kind of like the wood colour, but the damage on them was distracting to me and I felt like I had to fix it. My table is white, the scratches went too deep to be repaired and several people said to paint it with chalk paint so I wouldn’t have to strip off the varnish. It sounded perfect and easy! So I went out and bought a can (the brush applied type- I wanted spray but it was out of stock) of Rustoleum Chalked in Antique White. That was after already going to the hardware store twice to try different wood restore methods that didn’t work.

I applied three coats. Looks fine right?

Wrong. This paint was a total pain in the arse. Close up you can see my brush strokes and there’s globby bits and it was awful to apply because it dried SO fast.

So after work on Monday, I put a podcast on and sanded the brush strokes down as much as possible without it feeling like too much effort- those slatty bits on the back are not easy I can tell you. Then I added a tablespoon or so of water to the paint can to thin it out and mixed it in well. I think it looks better?

I could have left the sanding where it shows a bit of the darker colour coming through and call it distressed, but I wanted a clean look. That would have been easier! Cleaning the brushes is thankfully very easy, just water and washing up liquid cleans them up, which is also good news for my arms because they usually receive some paint splatters.

I wanted to wax them to finish them, using clear Minwax Finishing Wax, but of course Home Depot says 7 in stock online, but when I got there, zero. So I went with the Chalked matte varnish. This was because they’re dusty to the touch and I would hate for it to rub off on clothing. It may just be temporary while it cures properly, but I wanted to be certain. I applied that and it took a bit of the paint off. It also added a slight sheen which wasn’t quite what I was going for. Never mind.

I did one more, so just one chairs to go. Just got 9 billion staples to remove first. A tutorial on how I reupholstered these is coming shortly.

Vlog #12 – September 10th 2017 – Chairs and my new sewing room

This week I show you around my new sewing room and my upholstery project! Don’t forget, when you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you are entered in a draw to win your choice of precut! We are a quarter of the way there, yey! Tell your sewing friends!

I can’t remember if I showed the video of making pendants here, so I’m going to put this up here too. I have a fair few to choose from in my Etsy shop.

Tutorial: Make your own design wall

Hi, I moved house and I’m back! I have so much more wall space in my new sewing room in the basement (to be known as the sewing bunker), so I finally for the first time in my sewing life got a design wall that I can fit a whole quilt onto! And the good news is, all the stuff just fits in a normal car/SUV so no crazy size boards strapped to the roof rack.

This tutorial will give you a finished wall that measures 96 inches wide, and 87 inches tall. You can get everything but the batting at Home Depot!

– 2 packs of 3/4″ thick HandiPac insulation board. Essentially it’s a pack of 6 pieces of polystyrene boards measuring 14 1/2″ wide and 48″ tall. It’s over in the insulation department.
– 3 rolls of white duct tape
– 4.5m / 15ft indoor use Velcro self adhesive tape
– 2x – 1 1/2m cuts of 96″ wide cotton or cotton/poly blend batting
– Staple gun and staples
– Pencil
– Scissors

1) Working one packet at a time, lay the polystyrene board down so you have them long sides together in a stack on the floor, and duct tape the joins. Flip it over and duct tape the joins on the reverse too.

2) You can brace the centre with tape too if you like, my husband did that on the first one, I didn’t on the second and couldn’t tell the difference to be honest. Lay one of the batting pieces flat on the floor, then place the board over the top.

3) Fold one edge of the batting over the board and mark where the edge is with a pencil all the way along.

4) Put duct tape all along the line you just drew.

5) Fold the batting back over and staple in place. Choose an adjacent edge to fold over, draw the pencil line, and duct tape as before.

6) For the corners, cut off the excess length from the edge you just stapled (first picture). Fold up the second side and cut off the excess batting from the diagonal (second picture). Pull it nice and tight and make sure you are happy with how the corers look, then staple in place (third picture). The reason for removing all of the excess batting is that it is very good at repelling staples, even removing all of this excess, my staples were only successfully in place half of the time.

7) Work your way all the way around the board, making sure that the third and last edges are pulled nice and tight especially. Repeat for the second board.

8) Pair up your Velcro for the full length of the strip. This was a whole packet for me.

9) We cut the Velcro in 3 pieces per board so that it spanned the width between the batting edges. In retrospect, you could cut it into 6 equal pieces and trim if a little too long, but this amount was just about perfect! Remove the backing tape and position on the duct tape close to the top, the middle and the bottom on both boards.

10) Remove the other side of the backing tape and carefully position on the wall. Squish it in all the places where the tape is so it holds well.

Ta da!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a vlog. It will be a day late but I don’t like posting twice in one day and this has been sat in my draft posts for three days now 🙂

PennyDog Vlog #11 – August 20th 2017

I’ve been a bit obsessive with making fabric jewellery this week, but if you’re looking for my Etsy shop where you can find these fabric hexie pendants, it is HERE!

Also in this update, some new Spoonflower fabrics, progress on moving house, my Quilt As You Go class, a little bit done of Bear in the Log Cabin too (and Hank makes a brief appearance).

Here’s a bonus video from earlier in the week too- how to attach rivets. If you want to get video updates, I suggest subscribing to the channel- if you do you could also win a prize!

PennyDog Vlog #10 – August 14th 2017 – Where’d I go this weekend?

Here is my vlog, again, I’m late, getting good at that, but I have a really good excuse, I promise.


On Saturday we bought a house! My day was taken up with viewings and realtor stuff, I managed a bit of cutting out for my first project from Windy City Bags by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness as I mention in the video. My plan is to make every bag in this awesome book! I have never liked every project in a book before now, so I’m very excited about that. I’ll show you how great it is in the video too so check it out.

Then I was working most of Sunday, plus a bit of furniture window shopping as we own next to nothing, we are starting again from scratch pretty much. The house is empty, so we are aiming for a September 1st moving in date. At the moment our rented house is furnished, we have some sewing room furniture, a mattress and a few bits of crockery and that’s mostly it. I’m sure it will be fun as well as very irritating at the same time!

The house has two main rooms in the basement along with a laundry room – there’s a sewing room for me, and a room for Alex to play board games and paint. Two perfectly sized rooms- and I can have a bigger design wall! Then there’s three bedrooms upstairs, a dining kitchen, a wood fireplace in the living room and a double garage with lots of extra space inside, plus most importantly, Hank will finally have a garden to play ball in. There’s one fewer bathroom than my current house, which I don’t mind. Less cleaning = more sewing time! There’s a little bit of work to do to make the kitchen how I want, but it won’t be a huge job, just new counters and I’d like to add an island, maybe change out some appliances. I’ll be sure to give you a tour once we are in.

Thank you for the encouragement on my last post- I’ve not reopened my Etsy shop- yet – but I will do soon, and of course I need to finish my Bear in the Log Cabin quilt FINALLY!

Something a bit silly… this is Tabbytha

I made this – for a reason – and it was deemed, well I guess a bit crazy without using that word! I think it’s kind of cool still though!

This is Tabbytha…

I am aware that she needs a bigger cushion sham inside, I will have to go out and buy one since I shipped my one that fit inside a different cushion. It took a while for me to figure out how I was going to make it look like the cat was coming through the flap, but I made her as an applique plushy stuffed with tiny fabric scraps, hand stitched onto an applique cat flap backing. This is all done in my machine turned edge applique technique, but instead of quilting it like crazy, I stitched all the pieces together with a small zig zag stitch.

So is this cute or an abomination?!

I think I may reopen my Etsy shop and fill it with my pictorial projects, things made from my own design fabric and also some of my finished bags. It seems sad that this stuff usually ends up in my cupboard.

PennyDog Vlog #9 – August 7th 2017

I was making videos for my class this weekend, so this is one of FOUR I made. It was a bank holiday yesterday too so it meant I delayed this one a day while I sorted the class ones out. I finished making two bags and they’re pretty! Come and see!

The foxy Blanche Barrel Bag is one of my Finish Along finishes!

Don’t forget, the first 200 subscribers to my channel will have the chance to win a precut of their choice from this video:

A Finish: Antique Shop Floor

Sometimes I can be forgetful. In my hurry to get my quilt finished and in my suitcase when we flew back to the UK at the start of June, I neglected to photograph it! It’s going to be at least a year before I get it back because I don’t have another flight planned just yet, so I’m borrowing this photo from Popular Patchwork (I hope it will be OK) as it will be a pattern in their September issue out later this month… Go get it!

I’ve not got any projects planned after this, which is a bit worrying as I rely on this income to pay my student loan so I don’t have to send myself money to my UK bank account from here in Canada. I’m thinking about pitching to some US magazines too, maybe with my Bear in the Log Cabin quilt. Do you think Quilty would be a good fit? It’s been about 3 years since I sent them anything!

Size – 51″ square
Number of blocks – 16
Time to make – About 12 hours
Fabric – A crossweave by Another Point of View, a green print that I can’t remember the name of, plus a Kona purple and white. The sashing is more of the crossweave and the cornerstones are a scrap of a dark green Kona. The back is a Lonnie Rossi simple beige and white print with a touch of gold in it.
Binding Fabric – More Kona purple (eggplant?)
Threads – Quilted with Isacord in red and purple, pieced with Wonderfil Konfetti.
Batting – 80/20 Hobbs
Quilting- Grid – Red straight lines in one direction and purple in the other, spaced about 1 1/2″ apart to mimic the crossweave.