This weekend I will be mostly…

This quilt needs finishing in the next 5 days and getting in the post with the Thumbtacks quilt for magazine deadlines. Every weekday I do a little bit more, so maybe it will be a flimsy by the weekend and I can quilt it. I’m thinking of calling it “Connecting Four” – it’s four rows of four squares, with four corner triangles added, plus the secondary pattern makes 4×4 on point squares. It won’t be that big- about 55″ square.

Sunday sees me over at Addie’s in Cochrane. They’re technically closed on a Sunday, but “Carol’s Gang” (which costs $30) is a lock-in without alcohol but with fabric and sewing supplies! I’m not a big fan of lugging a machine around, and my little machine is no fun to sew on when I’ve been using my big metal one heavily because it feels crappy in comparison. I need to get myself some wheeled luggage so I can use the good machine. Anyway, my plan is to start glue piecing this horse, which will be my entry for Festival of Quilts… Before I do that though I need to decide shades and fabrics and make the freezer paper templates. I’m thinking of crazy piecing the larger areas for the first time, just because they’re so big. I’m hoping that won’t look really stupid.

Alex helped me with sticking this together

I also have a request. I’m looking for an 11″ square of each of these fabrics. I’ve found them for sale in the US but I refuse to pay $25 for a FQ to be posted here, that’s just ridiclous and prices me right out! If anyone can help though I can pay or trade or whatever. Thank you!


  1. Posted March 23, 2017 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

    I like the look of your new quilt! The horse looks interesting – can’t wait to see him done!
    I don’t have either of those fabrics, but I’m heading to my LQS tomorrow, so I’ll keep my eyes open….
    Congrats on your Scraptastic Tuesday win!

  2. Posted March 27, 2017 at 9:31 am | Permalink

    love that quilt! The background deep blue (i think) is gorgeous. The horse will look good crazy pieced I think, but then I’ve been crazy piecing lately! I wish you’d told me about the fabrics a week ago, i went to the Sewing show at the NEC and could have looked for them… if you can find them in a uk shop, i’ll get them for you.

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