A fab weekend

I had a great time this weekend. I got some charm packs and mini charms in the ranges I’m coveting but can’t afford to buy “properly”…

charm packs

I didn’t spend so long sewing that I burned out which meant I got to watch films and generally potter around, (dying my greys and whatnot) but I did finish the little bits of stitching that needed to be done to tidy up Fryed Pixels and I finished a block for the Forest QAL. Of course the dog has to photobomb first…


Previous to this I also finished my Row for the Row by Row and I’ve started on my covert robin swap gift. All I really know about my partner is that she likes to sew, so I’m making a Zakka sewing kit. I’ve not actually made anything from the Zakka book and thought I might find it hard going when there are no step by step instructions but I seem to be doing reasonably OK.

Also on Saturday was the first meeting of the East Midlands Modern Quilt Guild. There were 10 of us with a few absentees so we should be a pretty good size group soon. And we’re welcome to new members all the time too so if you fancy joining in, just drop me a line and I’ll hook you up 😉 I just have to draw up a logo now. Our next meeting is in 5 week’s time and we will be making a Weekender Bag! I’m starting to warm to the QAYG method for this as I really hate interfacing!


  1. Posted March 18, 2013 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

    So I didnt quite make this meeting… I totally spaced it to be honest, BUT, I have made 2 and half weekender bags and would happily talk anyone through the steps at the next meeting, if you want?!

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    Awww those are gorgeous! Well done on the pretty feather block. Its always nice to have a chilled weekend.

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    Hi Kerry! I envy your beautiful charms! Enjoy! Wonderful – amazing feather blocks. Have a great week! x Teje

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    Love those feathers!!

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    Love those feathers and the movement yoy’ve added into them Am finding those mini-charm packs a bit dangerous – cheap enough to buy as a treat instead of a magazine!!!

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    Just beware that a lot of the instructions, including the cutting instructions in that book are wrong! I’d check out the discussion in the flickr group to avoid going wrong…

    It was fab to see Fryed Pixels up close – you didn’t lose that inch of non-stitching again, did you?

    So, I’ve ordered the Weekender bag pattern and I saw the fabric requirements, all kinds of Shapeflex and Pellon, you said the QAYG method means it’s not needed – is that right?

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    I love how your feathers block turned out. You are making me reconsider my light background…

  8. Joyce
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    Love the feathers!

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