And the winner is

The winner for the goody bag has been selected. The random number generator picked number 57 out of 222 which is Reine! I shall be in touch for your address in just a second.

Meanwhile over this weekend, please consider the Roll up swap– it should be a lovely bundle to play with but no sign ups so far- surely there are other people who love Basic Grey’s fabric lines (and jelly rolls for that matter) as much as I do!

Also Blogtoberfest and all the blog reshuffling has been finished! I’m running a couple of test adverts on the right and will have Project Wonderful ads for your Etsy shops, etc  going as soon as they have cleared me to do so. In other new stuff- I got my Instagram link on the left and I’ve created some new feed buttons too so hopefully you have every link you will ever need now. Until I find more cool stuff to add of course…

Hope you all have a nice weekend- I have some sewing and some hockey planned!

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