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A half finish

I have half-finished the postage stamp quilt, it’s huge… And there’s a strip for the back done… (yes I am actually piecing a back, please don’t die of shock) It’s only half done because now I’m working on the applique to go over the top. I did get some rather- ahem- interesting fabrics from people […]

WIP Wednesday: Heading into Quarter 2

Three Finishes in quarter 1 out of six possibles ain’t bad eh? I did work on the other three though, I was a good girl, I just didn’t actually finish them. So here’s what I want to have done by the end of June (starting with the new stuff)… My current obsession, the postage stamp […]

A slight obsession

Those that have seen my IG feed this weekend will know that I’ve been consumed by my latest project. I’ve been calling it a scrap vomit, but officially it’s a postage stamp quilt. Once I have all 30 blocks made (but I might make an additional 5 half blocks) there will be a monotone appliqué […]

Progress this weekend

On Friday morning I made this little guy for a package I put together for a little girl that’s just become a big sister. The pattern is from the current issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting. Whilst I rarely make things from magazines (I just tend to read the articles), this was very tempting as […]


I’ve been pinning instead of sewing in the mornings before work this week. Eagle-eyed Instagrammers will know I based the moose quilt onto a green leaf background on the weekend, well it “didn’t fit the brief” so after making OH unpick it himself and take all the pins out I swapped it over and I […]

Finish Along Goal Setting – Quarter 1

It’s that time again, and it’s the only “along” I’m doing this year so I will make it count! This year’s Finish Along is hosted by Katy, so if you fancy confessing your WIPs and hopefully finishing them by the end of March (for this quarter anyway) for a chance to win prizes, hop on […]

In progress

I’ve almost finished assembling my moose appliqué for the moose quilt and can’t go any further as I need it to demo turned edge machine appliqué at the next EMMQG meeting on Saturday. I have a funny feeling that there won’t be many people following along doing their own designs, and a lot of people […]

Start of something new

My schedule shows I need to finish a bag and get most of the majority of my moose quilt cut out and glued together ready for the next EMMQG meeting. However these things were not really getting me to test the accuracy of my new machine and I received my low volume charm squares from […]

Well, this is embarrassing…

I’m to name one thing to finish this month for the Lovely Year of Finishes, however I have grown my list quite considerably over the last few days and I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! I’m going to choose this as my finish- it’s going to be an Urban Nine Patch block with […]

A quilt with legs

Parquetry top is all done, with my holiday very soon though I don’t think I will finish the whole thing in time for the Lovely Year of Finishes goal- just where is October going?! So instead of sewing I used my little bit of morning time cutting 2 1/2″ squares out of my overflowing scraps […]