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Billy Bass Mini Quilt (Sewvivor round 1) – plus a tutorial on adding sound to quilts

Ta da! Here’s my round one entry for the Nautical theme- a turned edge applique Billy Bass quilt. And I added sound too! And a video to show that it works… *** STATS Size – 18″ x 11″ Number of blocks – n/a Time to make– 4 hours not including component-related thinking time Fabric – Scraps, including a […]

English Country Garden BOM – Block 2 – Bluebell

142 people downloaded the Daisy block – wow! I hope you are enjoying the process so far! Here’s your next pattern, the Bluebell. The next one (Iris!) is out on the 2nd June so this pattern is free to download until then. The Daisy one is now $1.50 if you missed out, but if you want the […]

How to make- and use- tailor’s tacks

You know how on dress making patterns, they often have marks for darts or buttons maybe, but the dots for them are right in the middle of the pattern? You can’t draw them out, and if you’re not using carbon paper to mark your pattern onto the fabric you may wonder how to transfer them […]

Tutorial: Get Etsy Friendly Photos!

White background cutout images are the best when it comes to being noticed on Etsy for treasuries and such. Dull pictures just don’t show your product in the best light- literally! I know my way of doing this is a bit rough and ready, but it gives a bright white finish with bright colours to […]

Tutorial: Make a driving licence cover

If you, like me, live in the UK, you’ll be familiar with the photocard driving licences we have, but I’ve recently discovered not many people know that you must keep your paper bit with the card for it to be fully valid. I have always done this, however keeping it in my bag (read: I […]

Quilt Block Library

So this is pretty cool if you’re looking for block inspiration (maybe for a bee, or your next project). Gen X Quilters have a quilt block library link up on their blog so you can find lots of lovely contemporary block designs all in one place. I’ve submitted the couple from this blog and I […]

TUTORIAL: Little Ducky Mini Quilt

I made this for a magazine but it didn’t get published so I thought you guys might want it instead… mine’s another addition to the mini quilt wall that hasn’t happened yet! This uses a special ruler from Creative Grids. A great video on how to use the ruler can be found on YouTube HERE. You […]

Fabric Fabulous Fry

It would have been a miracle if anyone had guessed what the block on my last post (and above) was for! It’s actually the first block to make up my Stephen Fry pixel quilt I plan to finish for the Quilt and Stitch Village show in April (and then possibly Festival of Quilts as well if I haven’t […]

Free sample project from Fabricate now available!

The photo isn’t the finished one as I’ve not commissioned a photographer yet, however the clock project is now available for you for free! You can pop onto the Indiegogo gallery page to download it or you can put your email into the form on www.fabricatemag.co.uk and I will email it to you! And if […]

Tutorial: Turned Edge Machine Appliqué

Here’s a little tutorial on how I put together my picture quilts. I decided to apply the same principle to my birds and berries quilt but just a couple of small motifs. This technique can be used for large or small scale stuff! I can’t show you this in full yet though- I’m 18″ of […]