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Ziggy / Bowie – another sneaky finish

I’m not sure I like this quilt still but it has been improved since the top finish. I think the face looks wonky? I took off some excess in the end and pieced a back with a rainbow effect. Cindy suggested if I didn’t like it maybe I should add some colour to define the lightning […]

Hoots Mon!

Before any of you point out that “the moose loose aboot this hoose” is referring to a mouse, I don’t care, alright? This is the finished Hoots Mon quilt and it has been suggested that this is the most worthwhile achievement of my life so far. STATS Size – 52″ x 41″ Number of blocks […]

Picnic Path Quilt – finished

This quilt is flying off to America very very soon so I’m not going to have any daylight hours to photograph it in, so these pics will have to do, folks! STATS Size – 48″ x 60″ Number of blocks – 15 rows (rather than blocks) Time to piece – About 3 hours Time to […]

Punctuation quilt finished

And that’s two out of four finish along goals! Two quilts done for Christmas now, just a cushion to make and it’s only December 1st. Pretty pleased with that. This is the first quilt I ever started. I made 6 blocks out of the Snowball Sampler Quilt in this book from a jelly roll in 2011 […]

The biggest quilt label in the world

I made a serious fold in the back of the Punctuation quilt where two types of quilting pattern meet and there was only one way to fix it…. I think I may have made the World’s biggest quilt label!

Parquetry – complete!

I know how much you all love the colour brown, so earlier in the year at the Uttoxeter show when Ange, Susan, Reene and Katy were making rude remarks about the largely brown traditional quilts, I decided to be subversive and declared I would make a contemporary brown quilt (sorry I still disagree with the […]

Mini Quilt

An imaginative title there! I’ve finished the mini quilt for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap, here it is… It’s made with the quick curve ruler. I added some mini charms and some fabric as extras. There’s a sleeve on the back for wall hanging too. I’m posting it tomorrow and I’ll let you […]

A quick intermission: Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

Just a quick intermission post to reintroduce this quilt, which I am entering in this round of the quilt festival… This is my Liberty Mandala Quilt, which is in the Applique category. I’m short on time at the moment, so if you would like to read a bit more about how I made it and […]

We didn’t start the fire

As some of you guessed, I’ve started a We Didn’t Start the Fire quilt, with all 118 references in the song. This wasn’t my best work ever but I’m hoping it will be OK once the rest join him… I enjoyed doing the tiny writing with my free motion foot There’s a lot more info […]

Another Finished Quilt – Stars and Stripes

I finished the baby quilt in time. OH’s sister is no longer contracting and has 3 weeks to go and is probably going to go full term now. She’s very bored! Here it is… The pattern is from 25 Ways to Sew Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs by Brioni Greenberg, but uses half […]