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Charmed Tote

This bag has been a long time in the making, though I’ve not actually told you anything about it. It started life as an idea to replicate a bag for OH’s aunt. She had one bought at some World festival or another which had braided leatherish handles and the handles made it wrinkle a bit […]

Mysterious close-ups

I’m in danger of not blogging over the next week or so while I finish a last minute project and it would be unsporting of me to reveal it just yet. So here’s some mysterious close ups of the fabrics and shapes in the top I’ve been working on this past week and a bit…. It’s […]


Introducing my first finished proper quilt for 2015, this is Transparency. With rubbish photos because I don’t get to see the sun this time of the year. The idea is that it’s a simpler reloaded Card Trick Block rotated 45 degrees. The four translucent “cards” overlap and show through the colours that would be produced […]

English Country Garden BOM – Block 8 – Poppy

Sorry for the delay folks, here’s the brand new Poppy block as promised – eventually. This one is a bit easier than the last couple to give you a litle bit of reprieve and it’s a checkerboard background again. The poppy is pretty apt for November so it seemed right to schedule that in this month. […]

Christmas Sprouts – another quilt finish

Quilt Now issue 4 is finally out and that means I can now reveal the Christmas quilt I was working on back in July. What is more festive than Brussels Sprouts? And of course this quilt is in Basic Grey fabric. I forgot that in my post yesterday so it’s a double bill of Basic Grey […]

Me me me

And more me… I just got my subscription copy of Popular Patchwork, which is in newsagents next Friday and there’s another of my quilt patterns in there- that’s right, I finally finished writing up Wallander! It’s a good one because they used my photos too which is a bit of a confidence boost. And the […]

What do you do if you have big puckers on the back of your quilt?

Well this is how badly the quilt shifted. I even had to choose facings as a way of binding it to cover the shortfall at one side, but look at these awful puckers! I hate straight line quilting, and soft fabric backings! I didn’t want to unpick half a quilt, so here’s what I did. […]

Quilters Favourites

I’m getting in just in the nick of time to participate in this… The last day to link up with Geta is today! Click the button above to read the other posts with tips from other quilters. Here are mine, hopefully something here will be useful to somebody! The idea is we discuss successes and […]

Another thing ticked off

Day before yesterday I posted off my Covert Robin gift…. Inspired by the vast amount that were swapped at the FQ retreat last year and the fact I had never actually made one, I decided to make an organiser from the Zakka book. I must admit I didn’t really enjoy it, there were problems along […]

Buzz buzz

I’m back sewing again. I tried to do some portholes in heart shapes for the Row by Row swap (we’re doing applique hearts this time round) but the shape didn’t lend itself well to the technique and I started again. In the end I settled for fusible applique with blanket stitch edges. The blanket stitch […]