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Festival of Quilts round up

I have such sore feet! My camera ran out of juice halfway round, but these are some of the quilts that caught my eye. My judge’s comments were good cop bad cop again- one gave me two ‘excellents’, one gave me two ‘satisfactory’s and told me to think about the colour of thread I used- err […]

I don’t get it!

The lovely Reene has tagged me on photos coming up on Instagram of my David Bowie quilt, there are four (1, 2, 3, 4) so far not from people I know which means that people actually like it or something! I don’t understand, the quilting is really awful after my machine malfunction and I maintain […]

TV sewing

I’m not at the retreat so there will be a bit of TV and  hand stitching going down this weekend- I need to finish sewing on the sleeve and label on the back of the Bowie quilt so I can post it for hanging. I still don’t like it, but there’s not a lot I can do […]

Ziggy / Bowie – another sneaky finish

I’m not sure I like this quilt still but it has been improved since the top finish. I think the face looks wonky? I took off some excess in the end and pieced a back with a rainbow effect. Cindy suggested if I didn’t like it maybe I should add some colour to define the lightning […]

Festival of Quilts

Quick post to remind anyone that may be thinking of entering the Festival of Quilts this year, you have to make your decision NOW! I found out that today is the last day for applying to submit a quilt, so I’ve quickly filled in the online form. You have until 5pm (BST/GMT+1) to get the […]

The verdict is in

I got Wallander back from the Festival of Quilts on Monday, here are my marks… Bit disappointing that the piecing was either deemed bad or satisfactory as I paper pieced it and thought it was pretty good! And the edge treatment thing gets me again, but thankfully satisfactory on both counts rather than needing attention. […]

Highlights from Festival of Quilts

I took some photos at the show of some of my favourites. It turns out I have a bit of a preference for applique quilts and natural colours mostly- yes that means there’s some brown quilts in there…! The show is pretty expensive to get in and park and a lot of people said it […]

A finish, but not without a fight

Wallander is done done done! I’ve just scraped it in during the Finish A Long bonus week too. At the start of April this is how much I had (about 10 blocks)… So that’s pretty good right? It wasn’t without a fight though. When I got it out of the washer this morning and was […]

Crafting, but because I want to, not because I have to

Over the last few years I’ve tried a few crafts, enjoyed them and then they inevitably end up as an Etsy shop which then means making more than one of anything and getting stressy busy at holiday times throughout the year and burdened with obligations. This happened with my jewellery and my chocolates and I chose to stop […]

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

If you’ve not heard of the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, it’s a bi-annual showcase of quilting bloggers’ best work. I’m going to bore you all to death by entering my very first show quilt that you’ve seen a million times in various stages of completion- unless you’re new here, in which case this post is for you. […]