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Fruity bangles

I have been so busy of late that I haven’t blogged, and I’ve not felt inspiration to do it either, sorry! However a couple of weeks ago I did show you a WIP of a custom apples and oranges bangle I was making, with matching earrings. It took a lot of clay slices and effort, […]

Down on the Farm and a new supplies shop- exciting stuff!

As newsletter subscribers will know, I’ve started delisting some of my ranges, some of which will merge and others I feel uninspired by and don’t feel like making again. This was partially to streamline and partially because I wanted to introduce a new range… and so here’s a sneak peak of my new range “Down […]

Stuff I’m working on

I made these medals this week. After asking for feedback on Crafteroo I’ve decided they are a bit too big, so will be looking at smaller “medal” and thinner ribbon combinations because I think the proportion is just right. Also looking at a better way of attaching the ribbon, and after suggestions I think kilt […]

Work in Progress – coloured core bangles

These are nowhere near finished yet, but this shows you some other plans for 2010. These bangles have coloured cores to make the outsides stand out. The lace is in clear resin with an opaque black centre, and the fish bangle is clear with bits of green wool with a transparent blue core. These need […]

Quiet times

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front recently- it’s been busy! I’ve been doing fairs on both weekend days, writing articles and also making up custom orders and shop wholesale things, not to mention I had a TV interview/audition for a BBC programme on Monday! Nic of Murano Silver said I should make […]

Make 50: Week 46

This week’s make is a submission for the Upcycle Christmas competition run by Folksy. The Carnaby bangle is made with plastic beads from a charity shop and will go up for auction for Sue Ryder Care in a few weeks time. On another note I am at Bungalows and Bears in Sheffield this Saturday afternoon […]

Make 50: Weeks 41 and 42…. and um… 20.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I had a picture missing in my Make 50 set on Flickr. Turns out I jumped from Week 19 to 21. Oops. So here’s three new things to share… Gardening cufflinks Glitter cuff (not available for sale as has been sent off for secret project) Haberdashery paperweight Only […]

New stuff going on

I’ve been making loads of new stuff recently, so thought I’d share some here as my blog post today 🙂         

Thank you Miya, Make 50: Week 20 and other stuff…

Sorry this post has been a while in the making- my laptop spectacularly broke and I’ve been working on articles and other stuff as well as going to unsuccessful craft fairs! Firstly, the garden swaps should all have been dispatched by now, so if you haven’t got your package, you should expect it quite shortly, […]

Make 50 Week 18 and 19 and a small request

I’ve kind of made two things this week, so I’ve decided to catch up as I think I fell behind a little while back. This bangle has vintage sewing pattern inside and reclaimed buttons and was made for vInTaGe VioLeT, who has been providing me with little tags to label my jewellery up. I also […]