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A liiiittle bit of progress

So in the last fortnight I have managed to do most of the turned edge applique prep for the postage stamp quilt, which is all just held together with glue right now (mostly whilst shouting, NO, GET DOWN, LEAVE IT)… And I’ve even managed to be on the machine long enough to make this block which will […]

A half finish

I have half-finished the postage stamp quilt, it’s huge… And there’s a strip for the back done… (yes I am actually piecing a back, please don’t die of shock) It’s only half done because now I’m working on the applique to go over the top. I did get some rather- ahem- interesting fabrics from people […]

English Country Garden BOM – Block 1 – Daisy

Let’s get started! Here’s your first pattern, the next one is out on the 5th May so this pattern is free to download until then. Click here to download This pattern includes instructions on making bias tape stems, turned edge and raw edge machine applique, thread choices and the pattern in standard and mirrored formats […]

English Country Garden BOM – Choosing Your Fabric

The English Country Garden BOM starts tomorrow! If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about and are curious, it’s a free applique block of the month for those who like the look of applique but want an accessible way to approach it. Read more here and check back tomorrow for the first pattern. The BOM […]

Everything you need to know about the English Country Garden BOM

The blocks have been planned, the instructions are in the process of being made, and everything is due to get started on 7th April! The English Country Garden Block of the Month is designed for those that love scrappy quilts and appliqué, but also to dispel any fears that those who are a bit nervous […]

Best laid plans

So you remember my last post where I said I wanted to make at least a block this weekend in addition to the pants? Well I decided to watch a hockey game on Sunday night after binging on the Olympics, but that was OK as it finished at 8.30 ish, giving me an hour and […]

Pictorial quilt mini-class- any interest?

For the 11th January meeting of the East Midlands MQG (soon to change its name so as not to be affiliated with the MQG in the States) in Grantham, I’m thinking about unofficially showing a group of people how I do turned edge pictorial appliqué quilts such as these below (but it can be a […]

A quick intermission: Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

Just a quick intermission post to reintroduce this quilt, which I am entering in this round of the quilt festival… This is my Liberty Mandala Quilt, which is in the Applique category. I’m short on time at the moment, so if you would like to read a bit more about how I made it and […]

TUTORIAL: Little Ducky Mini Quilt

I made this for a magazine but it didn’t get published so I thought you guys might want it instead… mine’s another addition to the mini quilt wall that hasn’t happened yet! This uses a special ruler from Creative Grids. A great video on how to use the ruler can be found on YouTube HERE. You […]


Applique and I are not best friends at the moment. I’m pretty happy with gluestick applique but I thought I’d give needleturn ago and I ended up with a blooming mess. Then I gave up and decided to machine stitch, but as the pieces were only tacked down, I ended up with weird lump bits and […]