Tutorial: How to Add Text to an Instagram Picture

For the destash, some of you might want to add ID numbers, or measurements to your fabric pictures. If that’s something you want to do, but you don’t know how, then you need to get a free app called MOLDIV. There are other apps out there too, but this works for me. Search for it in the App store and install it on your device.

You need to have the photos already taken on your phone. Open the app and click on an image you want to edit.

At this point you can make it square, and Instagram ready. That way you will get your text positioned exactly where you want it.

There’s two ways of making it square, white borders or “fit” is default, click “fill” to get rid of them and crop it square instead.

You can adjust the crop by sliding the image by touching the screen.

You can also zoom by using two fingers and pulling them away from each other, and zoom back out by bringing them towards each other again.

Now to add text- press the text button.

Type what you want and then click the Aa button to select a font. You can go through a few until you find one you like.

The wheel next to that is where you can change the colour.

You can then press the text and move it to where you want it on the picture.

You can keep adding more text, just edit it to what you want it to look like and click the tick, then go ahead and go through the text process again.

Click the share icon at the top of the screen when you’re done.

Click Save to Album.

This will save your text added photo to your phone photos! It doesn’t replace the original without cropping and text.

Are you joining in with the destash? See the last post to find out more!

The Great Canadian Fabric Destash, June 26th 2017

A little while ago- OK two years ago- Chelsie Rosner on Instagram prompted a hashtag for destashing fabrics just within Canada – #thegreatcanadianfabricdestash

This was in response to the general #thegreatfabricdestash which tended to be people in the US shipping only to people in the US, and so Canadian’s couldn’t buy all the great fabrics people were selling on the other side of the border. There was also a successful one in the UK by Emily Levey that still continues to be used to this day and I found it “enabling” when I lived over there.

Who doesn’t like a destash? It clears out some space for some new fabric if you have supplies stagnating on the shelf not being used, and one woman’s trash (of course, no fabric is trash) is another’s treasure.

So I have a proposal to make. I have some bear fabrics to destash (yep, now is the time for me to make that bear quilt since more and more prints keep coming out, and I have surplus fabrics) and I want to do it on Instagram, and I might be on the hunt for some new fabrics too. If we create an event around it, are you in? If we all post what we want to sell on the same day/week, we know when to look for bargains!

I’ve also put all of the details on Instagram along with the button shown above if you’re in and you want to reshare with your followers and grow this thing!

  • The starting date to post your destash goods is Monday June 26th 2017. Canada Day week! Feel free to post after this date as the hashtag doesn’t expire. Hopefully we will get the most potential shoppers looking on day 1, however.
  • Make sure you clearly put the price and size of the fabric you are selling in the description on the photo, and tag with #thegreatcanadianfabricdestash
  • ISO (In search of) posts are OK as long as you make it really obvious you’re looking for something rather than selling it.
  • If you are happy to sell to people in other countries, please say so and provide your shipping cost details as best you can.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY there’s a new rule – ask your buyers to comment “sold” (with a quantity if you have more than one of something, FQs for instance) and then message them for their Paypal details. Instagram have been suspending accounts with posts that encourage email addresses to be left, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Just in case you want to add text to your actual Instagram pics – adding sizes/reference numbers/”ISO” or anything else, I will be posting again tomorrow to show you how!

Lets make this a great virtual event! Are you in? Feel free to repost the button above/over on Instagram to let all your Canadian sewing friends know!

Classes Coming up at My Sewing Room

Apologies, I didn’t get round to filming at the open house, or when I was back in the UK. I do have some photos, a couple of videos from Instagram, plus all the prices and dates for my upcoming classes though!

I’m running EPP and QAYG Venti Tote again, plus two new classes, the Blanche Barrel Bag and the Kraft-tex Wallet.

All of the class dates, times, fees and descriptions are on my Classes page. All classes that start in June, July or August though are HALF the price shown as they’re doing a Summer Special!

I filmed some videos with Dawn at the shop too and she is spacing them out on Instagram, there are two at the time of writing which I’ve linked up below, but when the other two come out, I’ll put them on the classes page too.


PennyDog Vlog #2 – June 3rd 2017

Working away on the Antique Shop Floor quilt, and some fabrics I bought but I hope some of you can help me decide what to do with the swatches, and share any walking foot tips with me since mine is looking wonky!
The sound isn’t as good as when I used the iPhone, maybe I’ll go back to it!

I talk about:
– My favourite quilting thread
– Some cute fabrics I bought
– My classes at My Sewing Room
– My trip back to the UK next week
– Progress on the Antique Shop Floor quilt and how I decided to quilt it.

Festival of Quilts Calgary 2017

So today I have to go and collect my horse quilt from the show because it finished yesterday. I didn’t take a whole bunch of pictures, but I thought you might like to see these ones. It was HOT there and we didn’t hang around for too long, and I didn’t even buy anything- really! Alex was with me and the trading tents were unbearable to be in so that will be why!

The first quilt I saw and liked – it’s by Vanecea Greene (I took lots of photos of her quilts last year if you wanted to search back for them)

Another Vanecea Greene quilt – that background is solid purple with exquisite quilting in white over the top!

Hannah Wellens’ Pixel Puppy

Mi Hee Park’s Mountain Greener Deer (pattern by Pam Bono)

This is very Calgary. Sharon Hanna’s Boot Scootin’

Oh hello, what’s this quilt all on its own…?

It’s miiiiine!

Mountie Quilt by Arla Barron

PennyDog Vlog #1 – May 27th 2017

A new thing I’m trying out, sometimes it’s easier and more honest on a one take iPhone video, than an edited, curated blog post….

Maybe I’ll do it once a week if people don’t think this is too weird! Oh and maybe I’ll brush my hair next time…

A finish: A Horse With No Name

Hello…. it’s me…. (read Adele-style)

I’ve had some big things going on that I’ll probably talk about when I have found a solution, but it’s put me off sewing a bit. I’ve been designing a few Spoonflower fabrics since I’ve been selling some designs (!) so I want to build up my library, and I’ve decided to do a weekly vlog too so the first one I filmed today and it will go up tomorrow. This could be a terrible decision but I have no shame anymore.

Anyway The Horse With No Name…

It’s a pretty small quilt and didn’t take me too long to do compared to other pictorial projects. There’s a lot of the Carolyn Friedlander linen in it, plus a silky handkerchief style fabric I was donated by Jackie in the East Midlands Guild a couple of years ago, and some other stash fabrics. It’s always good to use the stash so you can get the new stuff in.

The backing is just a muslin which is heavier than I normally use, and the weird thing is when I washed this quilt, it kind of stained on the back, I think some of the fabrics bled through even though I had colour catchers in the drum. I also did my usual invisible binding.

Size – 33 1/2″ x 56″
Number of blocks – N/A
Time to make – About 16 hours
Fabric – All sorts!
Binding Fabric – More plain muslin, turned to the back.
Threads – Mostly 40wt Aurifil, for it all, but the odd bit of green Isacord made its way in there.
Batting – 100% cotton Quilters Dream Select large scrap from stash.
Quilting- Fur and directional lines to mimic realism.

Please also enjoy this Great Horned Owl, Alberta’s provincial bird and its chicks! They are nesting just near my friend’s house!

Gently getting into WIPs

I have just a few WIPs, one of which is the Quilt Workout applique special, but I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for that size project yet. For the time being, I decided to work on the Blanche barrel bags (larger size) by Swoon Patterns that I cut out for Christmas fairs and didn’t finish. Well, two of them out of four because I need some more premade piping. I made the mistake of glue basting the zipper in when I took them with me to work on at Addie’s (pattern says you can do this, but I don’t recommend it folks!), so I had to unpick the topstitch – which I didn’t like anyway – and wash the top edge.

Here they are all finished!

Two more to go!

I think I’ll offer it as a class in the summer (one of my motivations to get it done), because I think people can be a little cautious of working with rivets and leather/vinyl and this will show how easy it is! I’m keeping the yellow one because it had a small accident with a pair of sharp scissors. I also prefer the flowery one’s shape, so that will be the store sample and eventually go into my Etsy shop when I reopen it.

I also started and finished this little wallet…

It’s the Wisteria Wallet by Blue Calla Patterns. I’m not sure I like the size and style just yet because it’s basically a pouch with card slots on the outside but I’m trying it out for a few days. I’m also probably going to make a Pearl wallet and decide which one I like best to keep for myself.

By the way I finished a quilt about 2 weeks ago but I haven’t got round to good photos yet…. Soon!

P.S. Sorry if I’ve not responded to a comment on my last couple of posts – WordPress wasn’t sending them through to my email again but I think we are back now.

Patterns Patterns Patterns

I’ve been cleaning up my pattern shop with new photos over the weekend and reopened the one on Etsy too!

Because I plan to start as I mean to go on, I should be releasing more patterns over the coming months, and each one will be discounted on Craftsy for the first week of release. This time sees the Macaron block for just $1 USD (normal price will be $2 as of 29th April 17)

Go here to grab it!

Secondly, I’ve just released a new pattern today too that is free. This is the Kantha Tote bag, and you can get that on Craftsy too!

Grab that one here too.

Please let me know what you think, and if there are any old magazine designs you’d like to see back as an independent release and I’ll see what happens next! If I actually sell some, I might have another free pattern next month (and next month isn’t long away)!

A Finish: Connecting 4

Sigh. I missed the Finish Along link up again because I’ve been busy at work (this is a good thing but it means I’ve been going to bed earlier), have been teaching and trying to get on top of housework and stuff at home. I also decided today after an incident on Friday where I couldn’t fasten my jacket up, that I need to pay closer attention to my diet, so my Fitbit is back on and I’m actually using the calorie tracker on it. I didn’t know eating too much was so easy. Today I had a Tim’s breakfast which was a bad start, because even after a long dog walk, my lunch- which was a salad- put me in the position of eating more calories than I burned. I blame the 300cal avocado. So with a snack of 13 crisps (yes I counted) plus beef stew for tea with no side bread or rice or dumplings or anything, and no 160cal ice tea today, I’m over my RDA. No more sausage and cheese for breakfast for me!

Anyway I finished a quilt over a week ago but there’s a very long story about trying to get the thing posted for under $140 which I won’t go into. I managed it by the way, so it’s gone over to the UK to hopefully arrive in time to be in July’s Popular Patchwork. This is Connecting 4…

The name is because the block that makes this quilt has four rows of four squares, with four strip pieced corners, which when sewn together makes four rows of four secondary pattern squares.

The quilting and binding took a couple of hours at most, I stippled it to get it done and machined that binding on for quickness.

Here’s some pictures of Hank because I can and I will.

I will have another finish soon too, I’m unstoppable!

Size – 56 1/2″ square
Number of blocks – 25
Time to make – About 10 hours total – chain piecing FTW
Fabric – Half of a Tucker Prairie jelly roll plus some other prints from my stash and Kona White
Backing Fabric – 3m (which was juuuuust enough) of a Garthwaite print by Victoria and Albert that was on sale at My Sewing Room.
Binding Fabric – A petrol blue crosshatch print, which was also the accent print. I got it at Birmingham NEC Festival of Quilts a couple of years ago.
Threads – Piecing with white Wonderfil Konfetti on a cone. Quilting with Isacord in a light blue shade
Batting – 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom.
Quilting- Large stipples, very simple!