Growing my Tutorials and Patterns

In addition to my weekly vlogs, I’ve been recording tutorial videos for my YouTube Channel (I’m getting better at filming, please subscribe). So far I have one on chain piecing and also I put one online today to demonstrate making flying geese.

Apologies- I only just found widescreen on my new (to me, sadly not HD) video camera so the video is cropped, but it is set up ready for next time. Let me know if you have any ideas for things you want me to demonstrate!

I’ve also added my Kananaskis Quilt to my pattern shop for $5 USD if you’re looking for a quick and easy sew:

Next on my radar is increasing my fabrics on Spoonflower, I have a bunch waiting for release, I just need to order proofs before I can do so.

I’ll leave you with this picture of a block I made this week from prairie points, I think I will offer it as a class in the winter time!

See you tomorrow with my weekend vlog – this time I’ll be talking about sewing bags…

PennyDog Vlog #5 – July 10th 2017

I missed this weekend’s vlog because I was at work for part of Saturday, then at a work do that I spent way too long at, then Sunday I wasn’t well as a result and we also went to the Stampede for a bit. Check out my Instagram @pennydog if you want to see some pictures from the quilt show there.

So here is a Monday vlog, introducing the Brother Scan N Cut machine and using it to cut out the Banana Candy shapes. Would you like real tutorials on using this machine?

Also I made a video about how to Chain Piece last week if it is of interest!

Finish Along Q3

Ooh I almost forgot about the finish along for what would have been almost the entire year, but sneaking in under the deadline to share the WIPs I have that are most realistically going to be finished this quarter. There are more, but I think four is enough.

This is Bear in the Log Cabin – I need to add a roof to each of the 36 blocks and actually piece into a top (and quilt, and bind).

I am teaching the Blanche Barrel Bag by Swoon later in the month, so I think I will use it as a way of finishing up one of the two I have cut out that I was going to make for Christmas markets.

Banana Candy is a fusible applique quilt that I have been trying unsuccessfully to fit in with a quilt magazine’s themed issues. It’s a rainbow quilt that is cut out using the Scan and Cut. I’ll probably use this in a video tutorial or two. I’d like to do a video on what the Scan N Cut is and how it works, and also one on the properties of different fusibles.

Lastly, I have yet to put a stitch in the first of two Canada themed quilts. You’d think this would be the year to do them! It’s mostly large pieces and borders, but I want to add a couple of animal appliques that I haven’t been happy with yet, and the tiny blue and red pieces will be 6″ maple leaf blocks. I’ll probably do a video tutorial on those too.

Popping into work this morning, I’ll be back with another video blog tomorrow because I’m semi-addicted to this video thing! I’m doing a lot of video at work which I might put into another blog post. This as well as an inspirational Modern Sewciety podcast with Leah Day, has really spurred me on to get into video. I just need a camera that captures better audio…

Linking up:

PennyDog Vlog #4 – July 1st 2017

I missed last week due to work, outdoor activities and general sickness, but I’m back to briefly share what I’ve been up to this week. I think it might be a little bit out of focus- well I am, the fabric, etc not so much – so I plan to invest in an actual video camera soon so I can do tutorials and stuff.

What kind of tutorials would you like to see?


If you’ve not yet had enough of me, the two latest 1 minute videos from My Sewing Room were put up on Instagram, so I’ve updated the classes page with those.

PennyDog Vlog #3 – June 18th 2017

I vlogged again! Just quickly…

Tutorial: How to Add Text to an Instagram Picture

For the destash, some of you might want to add ID numbers, or measurements to your fabric pictures. If that’s something you want to do, but you don’t know how, then you need to get a free app called MOLDIV. There are other apps out there too, but this works for me. Search for it in the App store and install it on your device.

You need to have the photos already taken on your phone. Open the app and click on an image you want to edit.

At this point you can make it square, and Instagram ready. That way you will get your text positioned exactly where you want it.

There’s two ways of making it square, white borders or “fit” is default, click “fill” to get rid of them and crop it square instead.

You can adjust the crop by sliding the image by touching the screen.

You can also zoom by using two fingers and pulling them away from each other, and zoom back out by bringing them towards each other again.

Now to add text- press the text button.

Type what you want and then click the Aa button to select a font. You can go through a few until you find one you like.

The wheel next to that is where you can change the colour.

You can then press the text and move it to where you want it on the picture.

You can keep adding more text, just edit it to what you want it to look like and click the tick, then go ahead and go through the text process again.

Click the share icon at the top of the screen when you’re done.

Click Save to Album.

This will save your text added photo to your phone photos! It doesn’t replace the original without cropping and text.

Are you joining in with the destash? See the last post to find out more!

The Great Canadian Fabric Destash, June 26th 2017

A little while ago- OK two years ago- Chelsie Rosner on Instagram prompted a hashtag for destashing fabrics just within Canada – #thegreatcanadianfabricdestash

This was in response to the general #thegreatfabricdestash which tended to be people in the US shipping only to people in the US, and so Canadian’s couldn’t buy all the great fabrics people were selling on the other side of the border. There was also a successful one in the UK by Emily Levey that still continues to be used to this day and I found it “enabling” when I lived over there.

Who doesn’t like a destash? It clears out some space for some new fabric if you have supplies stagnating on the shelf not being used, and one woman’s trash (of course, no fabric is trash) is another’s treasure.

So I have a proposal to make. I have some bear fabrics to destash (yep, now is the time for me to make that bear quilt since more and more prints keep coming out, and I have surplus fabrics) and I want to do it on Instagram, and I might be on the hunt for some new fabrics too. If we create an event around it, are you in? If we all post what we want to sell on the same day/week, we know when to look for bargains!

I’ve also put all of the details on Instagram along with the button shown above if you’re in and you want to reshare with your followers and grow this thing!

  • The starting date to post your destash goods is Monday June 26th 2017. Canada Day week! Feel free to post after this date as the hashtag doesn’t expire. Hopefully we will get the most potential shoppers looking on day 1, however.
  • Make sure you clearly put the price and size of the fabric you are selling in the description on the photo, and tag with #thegreatcanadianfabricdestash
  • ISO (In search of) posts are OK as long as you make it really obvious you’re looking for something rather than selling it.
  • If you are happy to sell to people in other countries, please say so and provide your shipping cost details as best you can.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY there’s a new rule – ask your buyers to comment “sold” (with a quantity if you have more than one of something, FQs for instance) and then message them for their Paypal details. Instagram have been suspending accounts with posts that encourage email addresses to be left, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Just in case you want to add text to your actual Instagram pics – adding sizes/reference numbers/”ISO” or anything else, I will be posting again tomorrow to show you how!

Lets make this a great virtual event! Are you in? Feel free to repost the button above/over on Instagram to let all your Canadian sewing friends know!

Classes Coming up at My Sewing Room

Apologies, I didn’t get round to filming at the open house, or when I was back in the UK. I do have some photos, a couple of videos from Instagram, plus all the prices and dates for my upcoming classes though!

I’m running EPP and QAYG Venti Tote again, plus two new classes, the Blanche Barrel Bag and the Kraft-tex Wallet.

All of the class dates, times, fees and descriptions are on my Classes page. All classes that start in June, July or August though are HALF the price shown as they’re doing a Summer Special!

I filmed some videos with Dawn at the shop too and she is spacing them out on Instagram, there are two at the time of writing which I’ve linked up below, but when the other two come out, I’ll put them on the classes page too.


PennyDog Vlog #2 – June 3rd 2017

Working away on the Antique Shop Floor quilt, and some fabrics I bought but I hope some of you can help me decide what to do with the swatches, and share any walking foot tips with me since mine is looking wonky!
The sound isn’t as good as when I used the iPhone, maybe I’ll go back to it!

I talk about:
– My favourite quilting thread
– Some cute fabrics I bought
– My classes at My Sewing Room
– My trip back to the UK next week
– Progress on the Antique Shop Floor quilt and how I decided to quilt it.

Festival of Quilts Calgary 2017

So today I have to go and collect my horse quilt from the show because it finished yesterday. I didn’t take a whole bunch of pictures, but I thought you might like to see these ones. It was HOT there and we didn’t hang around for too long, and I didn’t even buy anything- really! Alex was with me and the trading tents were unbearable to be in so that will be why!

The first quilt I saw and liked – it’s by Vanecea Greene (I took lots of photos of her quilts last year if you wanted to search back for them)

Another Vanecea Greene quilt – that background is solid purple with exquisite quilting in white over the top!

Hannah Wellens’ Pixel Puppy

Mi Hee Park’s Mountain Greener Deer (pattern by Pam Bono)

This is very Calgary. Sharon Hanna’s Boot Scootin’

Oh hello, what’s this quilt all on its own…?

It’s miiiiine!

Mountie Quilt by Arla Barron