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Bits and Bob’s

Yes that apostrophe in my title is correct, because this cushion is Bob’s! Turns out obligation is a great motivator, so I’ve been back at the machine before my apathy for sewing turned into a proper thing. I Photoshopped and printed his face out onto inkjet fabric I had lying around and integrated him into […]

Sorting the stash

I think I’ve mentioned many times that I organise my stash by colour. I like to have my fabrics on display then I can see what I have and nothing gets forgotten about. Plus I keep solids separate. I’ve been deviating from this a bit recently though and I’m not sure if it’s right for me. […]

Shine Bright: Preview Part IV

Turns out I printed off my second part pieces too big somehow so this round has been a bit of a bodge and the reason for losing interest in sewing a bit! Still I have Y Seams (I need to practise these more) and I’m ready to go with the last bit of piecing before […]

My latest Lane Raglan

I resewed the seams and now my latest Lane Raglan is safe to wash and wear. It’s made from a Charley Harper knit from Birch that I bought from The Village Haberdashery a little while ago. I made it exactly the same size with the same cut down sleeves as my last one.

Losing my Sew-jo?

I’ve been back a week and I’ve only been at work for half of that time, plus I’ve been at a East Mids quilt group meeting however I’ve only managed to cut out (with templates) and sew four reasonably easy blocks including the session time. My next step is two lots of four Y-seam block joins […]

Crazy mad Etsy sale

I’m having a crazy mad Etsy sale because… *announcement bugle* …we are emigrating to Alberta, Canada Now my family know, the only people that don’t is work, and I don’t think anyone there is anyone there remotely interested in my past times so I think I’m safe to share that with you now. We haven’t […]

A zigzag issue – and giveaway winner

While I was out on another continent, my sewing machine went on a little holiday of its own. When sewing knits, it was creating this monstrosity of a stitch… That’s supposed to be a zigzag! It doesn’t do it on woven, its got a stretch needle in and I’ve done everything you get told to do […]

Q3 – Lets do this. (Finish Along Goals)

Time to get real and deal with this stuff. In light of our big move, we’ve had to declare what we are taking with us for customs purposes well in advance (like last week when we officially activated our status on holiday even though we’re here for some time yet). I have formally declared these […]

1000 post giveaway!

This is my 1000th post! And it wouldn’t be right not to have a giveaway would it? No, it wouldn’t. I’m currently on my 11 day nearly-tour of Canada so let’s see what I can find for you… Here’s the lovely Mad About Patchwork shop, of course I wasn’t going to buy anything… AHEM COUGH […]

Plane-ly hand sewing

I started this last weekend… It will either be another large cushion or a stool top depending on just how big it finishes up. This week I’ve been getting a lot of prep done ready for my flight tomorrow. It’s always good to have a portable project. This is my 999th post- which means there will […]