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Random Thursday

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Do you know why I’ve not got any sewing to show for about the last fortnight? It’s because we finally got this box set: And it’s every bit as good as everyone says it is! I’m not even sorry, yo.

The Big Spring Contest from Offset Warehouse!

Offset Warehouse has just launched the Big Spring Contest, and guess what…? I’m one of the blogger judges! As one of the judges, I’ve been asked to come up with a theme and judge all the entrants for that theme. I get to pick one lucky winner who will then have three weeks to make […]

It’s time for that post

It’s starting to hit me, Fletcher is gone. I’ve not had a big cry yet, just a couple of little sobs but I feel it might be on the way today. This is quite an upsetting and long post so I won’t be offended if you don’t read it. This weekend we were at Alex’s […]


I’ve been yucky and ill the last few days, but then it appears so has EVERYONE in the UK, I’m sure there’s a secret pandemic. So whilst my brain decided to go doolally, making my body ache and me sleep a stupid amount (coinciding with a mild allergic reaction to a hypoallergenic hair dye and […]


Since I’ve been doing my current job (almost a year now), I’ve found it very easy to get a good amount of reading done. Previously I wouldn’t get a very long lunch, or I would work through so I could leave early. In this job I have a full hour and if I don’t use […]

Hoots Mon!

Before any of you point out that “the moose loose aboot this hoose” is referring to a mouse, I don’t care, alright? This is the finished Hoots Mon quilt and it has been suggested that this is the most worthwhile achievement of my life so far. STATS Size – 52″ x 41″ Number of blocks […]

Not cheating!

Alex bought me a solid state drive for my birthday and it’s been a bit glitchy, so I’m back on my old hard drive and I had the opportunity for a new birthday present. So this is what I got from Quiltessential on Saturday I didn’t buy it so I’m not breaking any rules! There […]


Look! Tracy sent me these in the swap Sonia is hosting and they arrived yesterday. She also kindly included some Honky Tonk FQs (Cosmo Cricket is one of my favourite designers- especially love those guitars) knowing I’m on a fabric diet, which will help me keep going on the straight and narrow. Tracy is the […]

Best laid plans

So you remember my last post where I said I wanted to make at least a block this weekend in addition to the pants? Well I decided to watch a hockey game on Sunday night after binging on the Olympics, but that was OK as it finished at 8.30 ish, giving me an hour and […]

Pants! Or What Would Superman Do?

I’m taking part in Sonia’s knicker swap, but the deadline is Friday for receiving them, so this weekend I really needed to get a move on. I bought this pattern and set to work. I found attaching the gusset to the front a bit confusing, so I may have done that bit wrong. Also I […]