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The macaroni effect

I’ve started on the bear quilt and I’m very glad I have… There’s something very enjoyable about the cut, stick, repeat way these quilts come together. There’s no sewing and I can be more sociable- I can do batches in front of the TV rather than out in my sewing room all night. It’s exactly […]

Hot bots

My list of Christmas makes was a cushion for my MIL which I’m not sure I’m actually going to make or not yet, two sew together bags and six hot water bottle covers from this tutorial by Jude. If I can slip a finished bear quilt in this timeframe too that would be excellent. Well […]

Raglan top

Imaginative title, huh? I’ve finished sewing up a top with Art Gallery Knits – specifically one of the Priory Square ones, and Interlock Solids for the sleeves and trims, both from Village Haberdashery. The pattern is Hey June’s Lane Raglan, which was very clear and easy to follow. I made this up in a medium […]

Best decision

I have a horrible habit of leaving my iron on in the sewing room, and it can be on for a day or two before I realise I’ve unnecessarily inflated our electricity bill and increased our chance of a household fire. Behold, my newest purchase! This iron (besides being pretty colours) has an auto switch […]

Look what I got…

Not sure why I’m only blogging on Mondays at the minute, I think it’s because I’ve not been able to show my latest finish, and most of what I’ve done has been boring (no one wants to see a big stack of Insulbright cut into different shapes). Once a week seems about right for what’s […]

Back on Track

My machine is back! It cost me nothing in the end, with Husqvarna’s kindly paying for my service. I’m not convinced it’s better, the tension still seems a bit off in FMQ mode and the cutter is still hit and miss at times. Still… It means that I’ve now finished my mini quilt for the […]

English Country Garden BOM – Block 8 – Poppy

Sorry for the delay folks, here’s the brand new Poppy block as promised – eventually. This one is a bit easier than the last couple to give you a litle bit of reprieve and it’s a checkerboard background again. The poppy is pretty apt for November so it seemed right to schedule that in this month. […]

Hank’s Halloween calling

If only my puppy came back on the first time of asking, he would be absolutely PERFECT for scaring the neighbourhood trick or treaters a la SPIDER DOG I love spider dog so much, just saying

A little ARGH moment

I just wanted to put this out there somewhere. My proper sewing machine went into the shop last weekend, the cutter was a bit mediocre so I had a feeling a new blade was needed, however I also wanted them to take a look at the tension problems I was having with FMQ whilst it is […]

WIP Wednesday – the handsewing edition

My machine went into the shop for a little fine tuning this weekend, nothing serious, just a couple of niggles I wanted looking at before my warranty is over. I hope to have it back this weekend but I’ve not heard anything yet. Fingers crossed…. Anyway, this has limited what I can work on, and […]