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A liiiittle bit of progress

So in the last fortnight I have managed to do most of the turned edge applique prep for the postage stamp quilt, which is all just held together with glue right now (mostly whilst shouting, NO, GET DOWN, LEAVE IT)… And I’ve even managed to be on the machine long enough to make this block which will […]

Mind elsewhere

I’ve not been able to sew in the mornings as usual lately for reasons explained in the above photo (he loves sitting on the sewing machine pedal too), plus I’ve been having to tire this little one out so that he sleeps- Alex is on night shifts so he’s the one that needs to sleep […]

Instahank and Gwenstagram

Oh my gosh puppies are so cute but they are trying!     And a picture of Gwen so she isn’t left out By the way she could not care less about our new resident, which is great. When we’ve rehomed rescue dogs in the past with existing dogs, we have always been told that […]

A half finish

I have half-finished the postage stamp quilt, it’s huge… And there’s a strip for the back done… (yes I am actually piecing a back, please don’t die of shock) It’s only half done because now I’m working on the applique to go over the top. I did get some rather- ahem- interesting fabrics from people […]

An acquisition…

Yeah I have new fabric… The jelly roll is my winnings from Lily Pad Quilting, donated by Green Fairy Quilts and it’s a line by American Jane called Ducks in a Row. Having made quilts from her Pezzy Print and Punctuation lines already, this is a good fit for me. No idea what I will […]

English Country Garden BOM – Block 1 – Daisy

Let’s get started! Here’s your first pattern, the next one is out on the 5th May so this pattern is free to download until then. Click here to download This pattern includes instructions on making bias tape stems, turned edge and raw edge machine applique, thread choices and the pattern in standard and mirrored formats […]

English Country Garden BOM – Choosing Your Fabric

The English Country Garden BOM starts tomorrow! If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about and are curious, it’s a free applique block of the month for those who like the look of applique but want an accessible way to approach it. Read more here and check back tomorrow for the first pattern. The BOM […]

Puppy puppy puppy puppy

Quick dash post today to say the new puppy is called Hank- it was on a very long list, but when we found out his pedigree name is Run Forest Run (and apparently Gump wasn’t an option ) It re-surfaced and just made sense If you want to see lots more Hank pictures, you should […]

WIP Wednesday: Heading into Quarter 2

Three Finishes in quarter 1 out of six possibles ain’t bad eh? I did work on the other three though, I was a good girl, I just didn’t actually finish them. So here’s what I want to have done by the end of June (starting with the new stuff)… My current obsession, the postage stamp […]

Everything you need to know about the English Country Garden BOM

The blocks have been planned, the instructions are in the process of being made, and everything is due to get started on 7th April! The English Country Garden Block of the Month is designed for those that love scrappy quilts and appliqué, but also to dispel any fears that those who are a bit nervous […]